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    Quote Originally Posted by whurlston View Post
    Because an AC3 decoder uses Dolby intelectual property. Dolby might or might not sue sub (it's their perogative) if he included an AC3 decoder but if they did it would probably be the end of sub financially and the end of NextPVR. Not a chance he is willing to take.
    Well I'm not aware of all the legal ramifications or the digital rights that exist, but that's like saying you take a .MKV file and convert it to MPEG and now owe a fee to Microsoft because it is their file format you converted from. Isn't that what AC3 Filter does, convert the audio?
    While I don't want Sub to financially ruined, I'm sure an installer could check for the installation of AC3 Filter and if not exist, just launch a browser window to the site, and you manually download.

    Quote Originally Posted by whurlston View Post
    All licensing fees are paid on end user software not OEM. AC3 filter could license their decoder to sub without them paying licensing fees (sub would be their OEM client), sub would then pay the licensing fees for each copy included with NextPVR (the end user product).
    I doubt AC3 Filter pays anything since their software is given out for free. I'm not saying it's legal since I don't really know.
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