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Thread: 3.9.2 available (19th Nov)

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    3.9.2 available (19th Nov)

    You can download 3.9.2 from

    Please post any support issues in the support forum.

    As always, a big 'thank you' to those guys that have helped out with the testing and with the development of the web app!

    From the change log:
    - several improvements to the webclient support
    - added support for Direct2D renderer if Direct3D not available. This should hopefully work out of the box on newer Windows installs, without requiring user to install old DirectX 9 runtime, like they had to in the past.
    - added support for IPv6 in the webserver
    - improvments to security features in web server
    - showing available disk space in web app
    - fixed a crash that could occur for HDHomeRun Prime or Ceton users (where broadcaster was using a large PMT)
    - fixed a crash in NextPVR.exe that could happen when editing a recording created via Kodi with more than 90 minutes
    - fixed a crash that could a occur with the metadata screens enabled in Recordings, after selecting 'back' when deleting a recording from the multi-metadata screen.
    - added basic drag/drop support for dropping video files on running instance of NextPVR.exe
    - fixed a bug that could occur with shows that have a name ending with a period character, like Chicago P.D.
    - fixed a bug that could cause listings to fail to load if certain data was null in the database
    - fixed a problem with grouping failed recordings on the web app API
    - added ability to set channel type on Ceton devices, to cope with H.264 channels
    - fixed issue that would cause manual recurring recordings to schedule for the wrong time after daylight savings changes
    - can be called to get an m3u playlist of available channel urls
    - can be called to get an m3u playlist of available recording urls
    - list view in music is now showing the selected filename on the right of screen, which helps with longer filenames
    - now possible to configure whether the left/right arrow keys in video playback do a long or short skip.
    - further updates to web app (IPv6 support, increased security, removed need for PIN for remote access in modern app)

    This version has continued improving the nlite client application, which provides the same NextPVR interface with you're familiar with, but using an alternative cross platform client. For those interested in trying it out, you can download a Windows build from To run it, simply extract the directory somewhere onto your machine, and run the nlite.exe executable. It'll auto locate and connect to your NextPVR server running on the local network. A couple of screenshots from nlite, showing you the same familiar interface:

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    Installed on HTPC and a Windows client. The installer doesn't like that I have the recording service set to Disabled on the client PC.
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    That is not new, it has always given me that warning, better than starting a stopped service.


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    Default image glitch

    First off... just wanted to say I'm really enjoying NPVR. I use it alongside Kodi and it works great.

    Something I've noticed, however, on the Modern web interface is that, there's a glitch under Pending Recordings when no artwork is available for the program listing. What I have to do is add onerror="imgError(this);" to the <img> tag for the getPendingRecordings function starting on line 39 of the index.js file found inside the Classes directory. Doing that causes the default image to display instead of a broken image.

    Thanks for your work.

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    Another web glitch

    After upgrade, the web interface and desktop widget stopped working. Had to change the links from using the computername to localhost.

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    Remember to post any support questions like these in the Support forum.

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