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  1. Slimm GB-PVR - alternative tray app for GB-PVR
  2. GBPVRcli - extract information from GB-PVR for use in batch and text files
  3. Error when starting Slimm GB-PVR
  4. Slimm GBPVR failed to spot "failed" recording
  5. SlimmGBPVR on remote system
  6. Release: Slimm GB-PVR Version: 1.5.2517.26667 beta
  7. Any way to totally replace gbpvrtray with slimmgbpvrtray?
  8. Stop Recording & tray bubbles
  9. Problem to run SlimmGBPVR for the first time
  10. Release: Slimm GB-PVR Version: 1.5.2550.21114 beta
  11. Release: Slimm GB-PVR Version: 1.5.2555.35308 beta
  12. Release: Slimm GB-PVR Version: 1.5.2599.6174 beta
  13. currently playing file?
  14. plugin to show tuner status?
  15. option to launch GBPVR.exe
  16. Release: Slimm GB-PVR: Version 1.5.2617.29639
  17. Service restart feature
  18. Release: Slimm GB-PVR: Version 1.6.2621.23596
  19. Delayed shutdown did not shutdown system.
  20. tooltip display bug with multiple tuners recording
  21. how are you getting data for recording items?
  22. When does Slimm change from "Tomorrow" to "Today"
  23. Disable Request to Delete Recording
  24. Release: Slimm GB-PVR: Version 1.6.2705.25961
  25. File Extension Filter Not Working
  26. Release: Slimm GB-PVR Version 1.6.2711.21588
  27. Have systemtray icon pop up only when recording?
  28. Release: Slimm GB-PVR Version 1.6.2746.21588 supporting GB-PVR 1.0.8
  29. "Recording has started" when watching Live TV & Conflict
  30. Disable auto-restart recording service, green light stuck on and no standby problems
  31. Slimm GBPVR Red Icon
  32. Restarting Recording Service and Logging Out
  33. Release: Slimm GB-PVR v1.6.2772.26305
  34. add command line params when launching PVRX2
  35. Release: Slimm GB-PVR v1.6.2802.20754
  36. request: {MinutesToStart} for gbpvrcli
  37. Release: Slimm GB-PVR version 1.6.2830.18691
  38. Request: Maintenance Mode for xx (sec/minutes)
  39. SlimmGBPVR - Blacked-out Menu Items.
  40. Slimm & x64
  41. garbled text
  42. Release: Slimm GB-PVR version 1.7.2898.24459
  43. How to use SlimmGBPVR with Vista's User Account Control
  44. Two trays running after use Config
  45. gbpvrcli and lcd smartie few questions
  46. Trying to start GB-PVR for Systay Produces Error Message
  47. Can I disable "Delayed Standby" after is has been requested?
  48. SlimmGBPVR doesn't prevent standby during recording
  49. Release: Slimm GBPVR v1.7.3058.20146
  50. Release: Slimm GBPVR version 1.7.3071.20981
  51. Release: Slimm GBPVR v1.7.3129.25565
  52. Request: Playback Info
  53. Delayed shutdown
  54. Update EPG Doesn't Work
  55. Release: Slimm GBPVR v1.7.3191.17903
  56. Wishlist item
  57. Release: Slimm GBPVR v1.7.3245.23786
  58. what standby events will slimm prevent
  59. GBPVRCLI pending list problem (v1.7.3245.23786)
  60. 'Slimm GB-PVR Helper error'
  61. What are the options for GBPVRCLI?
  62. Shutdown
  63. Need to check for Live TV with GBPVRcli
  64. Batch file access to "standby" and "restart" features
  65. SlimmGBPVR: Four questions to Slimm
  66. Recording status erroneously remains on
  67. Slimm GBPVR 1.8.3447.20527 released
  68. SlimmGBPVR Dll Errors on logs.
  69. Getting the order right
  70. Tray icon inactive during recording
  71. Recordings not showing in menu
  72. No status balloons
  73. Sleep problems
  74. gbpvrCLI Formatting Tuner Status possible?
  75. Any plans for NPVR?