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  1. A200 & C200 GB-PVR client update
  2. No LiveTV on PCH
  3. Popcorn + GBPVR + playon TV service
  4. Remote sensitivity......fixed :)
  5. PCH doesn't find MVPMC
  6. The share folder no longer exists
  7. Knowing your NMT is performing right
  8. trouble with gbpvr.cgi
  9. Possible workaround for LiveTV issue on the NMT
  10. MVPMC + standby of NMT
  11. Cannot stream to mvpmcx2
  12. 16:10 live TV - any way to get it looking right?
  13. Myka NMT
  14. Can the eGreat m34a output to two displays simultaneously?
  15. A110 Refurbished units.
  16. Can't start GBPVR
  17. XMBC on NMT's
  18. Splash Screen
  19. How To Use Skin Other Than Mayhem3 in NMTInstall
  20. NMTInstall does not connect with A110
  21. hd screen dims when yellow or blue remote button pressed
  22. NMT Syntax check
  23. NPVR 1.15 and the NMT clients
  24. NMT crashing on seek
  25. NPVR 1.5.x testing with the NMTs
  26. Norton antivirus will not download nmtinstall.exe
  27. Just wanting to say thanks
  28. ts timeline issues and direct playback through NMT
  29. NMT fit to screen
  30. support for flv or wmv?
  31. New NMTInstall2 for N-PVR
  32. SRT files with NMT?
  33. Does the DVD module in NPVR work on NMT's?
  34. "Request Cannot be processed" error message
  35. PCH 100 error
  36. MVPMCX2 need more buffer time???
  37. Two PCH's
  38. New router prevents NMT from connecting
  39. Mvpmc share in W7
  40. GBPVR, NMT and WHS?
  41. npvr too big on screen
  42. PCH confusion
  43. Another nPVR/PCH scaling/size issue
  44. Trying to Set up my Refurbished A-110
  45. NPVR: No Live TV display with NMT, PC works fine
  46. New mvpmcx2n update for GBPVR and NPVR 2010-09-05
  47. Exit button does not work
  48. Problem with NPVR on PCH
  49. PCH (A100) new mvpmx2 - and NPVR 1.5.31
  50. A-200 or A-110
  51. A200 - Getting recordings list on there
  52. PCH and NPVR not connectiong
  53. Two PCHs, one runs NPVR, the other doesn't
  54. Problem connecting PVRX2 to PCH
  55. Popcorn Hour A100 for sale $90
  56. Running GBPVR & NPVR
  57. Unable to play .m2ts video files
  58. How to install for NPVR?
  59. Really broken PCH/NPVR
  60. No audio in mpg file
  61. Cant play video files from nmt using npvr
  62. Black Screen @ Live TV & Recorded
  63. Volume control?
  64. LiveTV stopping at end of file (NMT+NPVR)
  65. Pictures off a network drive
  66. pgup and pgdn are reversed in NPVR
  67. HD recordings (ts files) not playing smoothly on NMT
  68. Mount mounting???
  69. New M34A on eixting GBPVR 1.4.7: GBPVR via NetworkBrowser: "Request cannot be proc"
  70. Trying to Migrate to NPVR
  71. GB-PVR screen shifted up and to left
  72. ogg files with NextPVR
  73. A few channel changes freeze MVP
  74. Volume Control with NPVR
  75. remote key to jump directly to recordings menu
  76. Can't play MKV files with NPVR on NMT anymore
  77. NPVR screen size is wrong
  78. Resume and NPVR
  79. Running out of NMT servers with NPVR
  80. screen saver kicks in when viewing slide show on NPVR
  81. Connecting PCH to 1 PVRX2 server and 1 NPVR server
  82. My PCH-A110 streaming don ' t work
  83. Popcorn Hour A-210 NZ DVB-T Fast Forward / Skip Forward Issue
  84. mvpmcx2 on web service
  85. Working after a year
  86. NPVR 1.5.33 on EG-M34A - can't play non-NPVR MPG files
  87. New mvpmcx2o update for GBPVR and NPVR 2010-12-24
  88. TS file glitches cause audio loss
  89. can't play m4v files on NMT through NPVR
  90. Help with mounting DVD share in NPVR script
  91. Weird issue with audio playback
  92. Can't play recorded video files on PCH-A100 using GBPVR
  93. How to run npvr.cgi and startmeup from a linux box
  94. Just moved to NPVR Live TV issue
  95. Update 2011-01-14 HE-AAC Support
  96. Using default PCH player to TS files is not working
  97. PVRX2 oddities w/ component 1080p
  98. Current NMT/NPVR bugs
  99. NMT Remote Nav Buttons Not Working
  100. Black Screen with Recordings and Live TV
  101. Playback of in-progress recording exits when recording finishes
  102. Left / Right Audio Channel Switch from PCH?
  103. Which log file?
  104. PCH crashing
  105. PCH-100 Menu Lag
  106. Radio button on Hauppauge remote (lircd driver)
  107. NPVR on PCH Not Working
  108. Panorama / wide zoom mode in mvpmcx2
  109. Black Screen on NMT if I install TV Listings Plugin?
  110. Aspect Formula
  111. New mvpmcx2o update for NPVR v 2.0 2011-02-28
  112. Losing Video
  113. NMT NPVR Recording Screen Tip
  114. Switch from component to HDMI
  115. Spontaneous reboot of mvpmcX2o
  116. Reboot of mvpmcX2o watching Swedish TV4
  117. Stuck on gray screen "mvmcx2 is loaded"
  118. Stretched 4:3 vs Wide Angle
  119. Sanity Check on my setup and MVPMCX2
  120. Some issues with Install
  121. I'm not able to install mvpmcx2 3.3 on my PCH A110
  122. Issues with FF and Seeking on HD .ts files specifically
  123. Only one NMT can lunch MVPMCX2 at a time
  124. Any way to Keep mvpmc share active on NMT for Web Service Invocation form anyhwere?
  125. Recent IE9 Update and a whole bunch of Windows Updates and PCH-A100 not working
  126. Thinking about coming back
  127. Subtitles on PCH?
  128. Live-TV as default on startup
  129. Selecting between pvrx2 and nextpvr MVP/NMT servers is it possible?
  130. Fastest way into (and out of) N-PVR using a PCH A-110?
  131. Dvd iso's on mvpmcx2
  132. Mount problem after windows 7 sleep
  133. resolution way off of a110.
  134. NMTinstall for GBPVR no longer working?
  135. Updated and somehow busted my setup - PCH hangs
  136. Will the Egreat M31B Work?
  137. live tv for only ~15 seconds
  138. USB and index.htm
  139. Dummies guide to NMT start via USB, WOL and Index.htm
  140. EGreat M34A and 576i Problems With NPVR
  141. Mapping Network Drives to NMT
  142. HE-AAC Sound Without NextPVR Server
  143. installation problems with pch 210
  144. Should VGA out to TV work?
  145. Pal WS TV display stretched
  146. Download link for Nmt mvpmcx2 not working
  147. New Popcorn Hour A300
  148. Jaggy's AutoLoad Script
  149. Telent for 200 series
  150. Video size in MVPMCX2
  151. Rewind/Skip on a HDX1000 with PCH crossflash.
  152. Update EG-M34A with PCH A110 firmware?
  153. PCH lockups
  154. It would be nice for comskip to refresh
  155. Operate NPVR with keyboard on NMT
  156. PCH A100 Lockups/Slowdown on long movies
  157. Trouble getting startmeup to wake the Server
  158. Getting mvpmcx2 to work right.
  159. Request cannot be processed
  160. DVD ISO playback with NPVR?
  161. mvpmcx2p Update 2012-03-25
  162. HANGING: "mount mounting\\"
  163. NMTInstall.exe for GB-PVR?
  164. egreat M34a firmware update
  165. NMT Issue with new NPVR server
  166. PCH A-110 with dead Ethernet port
  167. More than one server - one NPVR and one GBPVR?
  168. Videos won't play on PCH A-100 with GBPVR
  169. Another DVD ISO problem in NPVR
  170. Where to place the mount for dvd share with WOL
  171. Play mts files from HD camcorder ?
  172. Yet Another YouTube Video
  173. NMT/NPVR Weirdness
  174. Transitioning from MVP to NMT
  175. DVD and MKV problems
  176. Multiple simultaneous connections
  177. Any way to improve skipping performance with .ts files?
  178. Universe plugin and duration
  179. NMTInstall2 does not install mvpmcx2 files
  180. Screen colors are off (purple) instead of blue on NMT
  181. MVPMCX2 and PCH A-200: Still no go?
  182. 2 Channels dark but with sound
  183. PCH A100 - "Could not Play" AVI via nPVR
  184. Weird - playback sound but no video
  185. I'm lost
  186. Menus
  187. Previously working A110 suddenly not working
  188. Can NMT start with Recording screen?
  189. NMT Advanced Configs
  190. Can't play recordings
  191. A110 - Main menu seems zoomed in / offset
  192. Recording glitch = locked NMT
  193. Windows 8 upgrade
  194. PCH lockup at the end of playing an MTS file from Videos, doesn't revert to playlist?
  195. heeeelllp! Back from hols. black screen on live tv
  196. POPBOX V8 Development?
  197. Popcorn Hour support for HE-AAC LATM audio use on HD TV in New Zealand and Norway
  198. Networking problems and "Request Cannot be processed"
  199. nearing 1 year, no downtime
  200. Martin/All Is it technically possible for NPVR/MVP to ever play Copy Once Recordings
  201. New NMT/Media Streamer Needed...Advice please
  202. NMT install help
  203. New (clean) install - gives black screen
  204. Cannot get HDHomerun Prime Live Tv to nmt through npvr
  205. WMA files crash PCH
  206. W7 platform update -pch won't connect
  207. Mvpmcx2 and avchd, mts and mp4 files
  208. A-100/MVPMCX2 cannot handle corrupt .ts timeline
  209. Trouble with 3rd PCH - "Request cannot be processed"
  210. Nmt wol
  211. NMT syntax checker, What did I do wrong
  212. No picture or sound in PCH-A100 when trying to play recording
  213. rolled out NPVR and PCH in the house, One issue
  214. PCH-A110 Unable to install with Request cannot be processed
  215. Cannot get mcpmcx2 working after re-install - help
  216. PCH not working after IP address change
  217. PCH won't play videos after upgrade to 3.2.9
  218. NMT won't play files with German Umlauts
  219. What link is the 404 referring to?
  220. My NMT cannot connect since I upgraded to 3.3.8
  221. Happaugue 45 button remote on NMT
  222. Replacment NMT blank screen/can't connect
  223. Oh no! Request cannot be processed!
  224. New machine - A100 works, A110 does not
  225. NMT's started stuttering
  226. Just upgraded to 3.9.2 - NMTs now fail playing recordings