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  1. VNC from the PCH 100
  2. NMT Testing
  3. mvpmcx2 Installation and Survival Guide for the NMT
  4. mvpmcx2 installation question
  5. mvpmcx2 observations
  6. MVP Screen Position on NMT - Can't go left, only right?
  7. Mvpmcx2 and divx files
  8. NMR doesn't find mvpmc server
  9. PCH Pre-Ordered
  10. What's wrong with this picture?
  11. Installation and startup clarifications?
  12. gbpvr and Pinnacle Show Center
  13. What's right with these pictures!
  14. New 720p output not working
  15. DVD playback on the PCH
  16. mvpmcx2 and component output?
  17. Change sorting order?
  18. No Resume in MVP-MAC section
  19. Needed features for mvpmcx2/NMT
  20. Skipping in MVPCX2
  21. frequency setting
  22. A couple more patches for the PCH
  23. Add playlist for videos as well?
  24. Troubles with mvpmcx2 HDTV modes on NMT
  25. mvpmcx2 Keys
  26. ML2 Issues on PCH
  27. 1080i settings
  28. Some Feedbacks on the PCH
  29. Problems with HDGUI-patch
  30. Popcorn hour
  31. Audio options on PCH-A-100
  32. AAC Audio
  33. config.xml problem
  34. Audio drops out for about 8secs on resuming Play from FF
  35. Help with my new Popcorn Hour and getting GBPVR to work
  36. WMV on PCH
  37. "Enter" after playing recording starts the recording again
  38. PCH hang
  39. PCH GBPVR testing
  40. Black screen and restart
  41. telnetd clarifiation
  42. problem with telnet.html
  43. Success Stories - thanks sub & Martin
  44. No screen refresh with "right" or "left" in season recording
  45. Blank screen when playing back some shows
  46. Mounting dvds fails
  47. setting up my PCH
  48. Improvements on music player
  49. Missing audio for some stations on PCH
  50. Strange behaviour on my Popcorn runnin GBPVR.
  51. Does MVPMCX2 work with both the MVP & Popcorn Hour
  52. All I get is a blank screen on my PCH!
  53. Unable to use mvpmcx2 on my PCH
  54. New PCH Firmware 01-15-080330-14-POP-402
  55. Audio but no video for Video Library
  56. Other skins work with PCH?
  57. GB-PVR on PCH Black Screen
  58. A question regarding linking in telnet.htm
  59. new mvpmcx2 question
  60. Screen saver just a bit to narrow
  61. pch getting to GB-PVR but dieing on liveTV
  62. HDMI and mvpmcx2 0418 version
  63. Playing Music
  64. Permissions on mvpmcx2 - headsup
  65. Latest mvpmcx2 has some problems
  66. DVD Playback
  67. Getting black screen on PCH for GB-PVR
  68. Styled telnet.html page
  69. DVD playback not working....
  70. PCH Screen saver possibility
  71. Enabling NMT Client streaming extensions
  72. Front Panel Question
  73. Native resume on the PCH
  74. GBPVR gui to small on Panasonic plasma
  75. PCH with standard def set
  76. If you use root, can you disable guest in share and/or security tabs?
  77. What Directory is the "MVPMC Share"
  78. Telnet Can't Open Connection to Host
  79. MNT General questions
  80. Is the MVPMC share always an SMB share on PCH?
  81. Questions about Config.xml edits for PCH
  82. telnet script broken after latest firmware update
  83. PCH playback always transcoding
  84. PCh pal SD tv??
  85. Mux for PC/NMT
  86. NFS share for DVD mount instead of cifs
  87. Playing my music
  88. Is the PCH a super mvp?
  89. Playing HD in NZ - Comparison
  90. mkdir cannot create directory
  91. Got my PCH but refresh seems strange
  92. What width/height settings to use for PAL s-video?
  93. Problems with 1080i
  94. Automatically show new video files
  95. Problem playing videos - sound but no video
  96. Picture a bit messed up
  97. Running telnet.html from USB drive
  98. Couple of PCH Questions
  99. Unable to skip on 720p recordings
  100. H264 Encoding For PCH
  101. can't get back to GBPVR after press stop video
  102. Installation update suggestion
  103. Problem playing ISO after playing MKV
  104. Problem w/MVPWidth parameter
  105. New MPVPCX2 5-10 Release
  106. connect PCH to 2nd PVRX2 server
  107. mvpmcx2 option
  108. Screen settings for PCH/GBPVR use
  109. Scripts and dos2unix
  110. MVPPosition
  111. Adjust Picture on PCH
  112. IStar VGA
  113. Screen not fully updated after deleting a recording
  114. mvpmcx2 to become private
  115. Any way to acess internal hard drive of PCH through GP-PVR or MVPMCX2?
  116. Using a password for your share
  117. User changes to startup scripts
  118. remote reference?
  119. NMT and WOL
  120. PCH summary info
  121. Recording Screen Size(?) Issue
  122. how do you view DVD after the mount instruction
  123. Excellent Work
  124. Cant stream video/audio to pch..
  125. Stopping a playing file by hitting back key hangs PCH
  126. Blank Screen on Popcorn Hour starting GBPVR
  127. LiveTV stops and restarts
  128. How do I make PCH with GBPVR easy to start?
  129. Stop key during playback gives blank screen.
  130. PCH Won't Play Recorded Programs
  131. bug:Pause resume causes audio loss
  132. PCh Remote accept Hauppauge remote codes???
  133. Can MVPMCX2 play mpeg2 recordings?
  134. Transcoding causes pc to shut down
  135. stop won't go back to menu
  136. movie loader
  137. DVD with PCH
  138. Cant see gbpvr on popcorn using telnet
  139. black screen on stop
  140. HELP - Can't stream TV, video, music on PCH
  141. I love me Popcorn...
  142. Iso playback on popcorn via gbpvr
  143. Adding to wiki
  144. Prob streaming .TS to PCH (config prob??)
  145. auto-load html page from/after script
  146. fsck?
  147. NO content
  148. MPC Syabas Visit Summary
  149. LiveTV Channel Change
  150. mount mounting xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
  151. Not possible to view encrypted channels on PCH
  152. Help ! Keep getting 'request cannot be processed'
  153. New PCH firmware....
  154. Skip fwd/back seems much better on PCH
  155. Will the Popcorn Port run on other NMT?
  156. Odd PCH behavior
  157. PCH + MVPMC selectable server??
  158. Setting up 2 PCHs
  159. GBPVR users stand up and be heard!
  160. Just moved to hdmi
  161. Streaming to PCH - No Sound on TV1 or 2
  162. Comskip Questions
  163. Screen Saver during MP3 playback
  164. PCH Clogging up network
  165. Worst Piece of Hardware Ever
  166. Request cannot be processed
  167. Can't get GBPVR to run from share!!!
  168. Bugger - looks like another dead PCH
  169. managed to run gbpvr in HDX 900 but...
  170. Having Problems with iSTAR & WHS setup
  171. Unsuccessful set up on egreat
  172. Advantages of GBPVR
  173. Black Screen when stopping
  174. Unable to consistently enter gbpvr from pch
  175. DVD ISO's from a non-windows share
  176. 01-17-080711-15-pop-402-000 Beta
  177. gbpvr and the PCH - who does the work?
  178. Read .mpg as .iso on NMT
  179. Istar vS. Popcorn Hour
  180. Playing from the NMT local HD
  181. Use HTTP for media streamers
  182. Hauppauge protocol speed
  183. OSD sample on the NMT
  184. big round PAUSE button
  185. Will this laptop and PCH connection work?
  186. How do you deal with time sync issues?
  187. How to run GBPVR on 2 NMT's/PCH's
  188. New Popcorn Hour products
  189. Press Stop - stream buffers again
  190. Popcorn Hour - NZ DVB-S - Cyberlink mux - repeating program
  191. Which direction now?
  192. Problems with Telnet during installation
  193. Movie Froze Last Night
  194. Channel change latency
  195. PCH wont play live tv
  196. NZ DVT-S with AC3 - seeking/Skipping/FFwd?
  197. New format for NMT scripts
  198. Who's the noobiest?
  199. PCH new firmware
  200. Recordings screen size
  201. The perrennial sound problem!
  202. Getting black screen after few seconds return to PCH
  203. Locks up on playback of file when using mvpmcx2
  204. new firmware and loading from usb question
  205. Next PCH firmware 09??
  206. Seeking Advice: GB-PVR + PCH A-110
  207. PlayOn
  208. A-100 vs A-110
  209. hd playback timing problems
  210. Does the PCH 'upconvert'?
  211. DIVX file hangs GBPVR
  212. Problesm with new firmware
  213. LiveTV temp files
  214. 3 popcorns on different screens
  215. Unable to Run GBSVR on ISTAR NMT
  216. editing ez_mvpmcx2 files
  217. help for newbie
  218. NAS vs. Local for PCH w/GPBVR Front-End
  219. reboot using telnet
  220. 50 hz
  221. NMP A-100 or A-110
  222. MVPMCX2 and wireless connection
  223. Do I need a hard drive in the PCH to run MVPMCX2?
  224. NMT PCH and Philips Pronto
  225. New PCH Firmware
  226. Problems with Live TV
  227. Cannot connect to GPBVR
  228. Problem with script following NMT firmware upgrade
  229. HUGE question...
  230. A100 Firmware (October) and gbpvr - video "hangs"
  231. PCH only shows "buffering..." after upgrading to 1.3.7
  232. Need help with configuring display characteristics
  233. No shares with gbpvr
  234. Installation improvements
  235. gbpvr.cgi only works halfway?
  236. screen size
  237. Dummies guide to installing mvpmc2
  238. Share Problem with internal HD of NMT
  239. Video not working from gbpvr, but is from PCH interface.
  240. Setting up share for mvpmc
  241. Request cannot be processed
  242. Odd and Poor Performance so far...
  243. NMT Integration
  244. GBPVR, PCH and DVD format
  245. gbpvr not working on popcorn again
  246. pch hdd as recording directory trouble
  247. Network Share Fix
  248. Dummies Guide Problems
  249. Playing DVDs in GBPVR to PCH client
  250. Problems playing an AVI file on the PCH but MVP and PC Ok?