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  1. TV Listings 2 - Support Thread
  2. Congratulations
  3. TV Listings 2.10 released
  4. Mini Guide?
  5. Very long start-up time for TV Recordings or TV Listings
  6. Problem Changing Settings for TV Recordings
  7. Recordings Time Warp
  8. Request for enhancements
  9. TV Listings 2 - How to page-down with PCH?
  10. Problem with XMLTVExtras
  11. XmltvExtras 1.5 released
  12. TV Recordings is Empty for "Ready"
  13. Weird colors on the guide
  14. Auto start in TV Listings?
  15. No IMDB Rating
  16. Record NEW epsiodes only?
  17. TV Listings 2.11 available
  18. TVListings for nPVR
  19. Can't Switch Between Guides
  20. Questions
  21. Help
  22. Problems with XmltvExtras
  23. TVListings3 No grid
  24. Can't set recordings in TV Listings
  25. Skinning questions
  26. TV Listings3 (Tv Recordings) - Can't Cancel a Recurring Recording?
  27. Wishlist: Manually toggled colored dots for TV Recordings entries
  28. TV Listing doesn't move back a page at a time from the PCH "Rew" button
  29. Problem with old XMLTV Extras
  30. DetailsPopup Show Image
  31. Skin support and themovieDB.org lookup?
  32. Skin for Slate
  33. "TV Listings: TVDBCache: last update time was 1/1/1970 12:00:00 AM." kills MVP server
  34. TV Recordings: Whats New Listing Not Updating
  35. Color based on Genre NPVR?
  36. TV Listings Keyboard Shortcuts?
  37. Listing Transcoded Recordings?
  38. TVListings video stutter with 1.5.36
  39. TV Listings 3.2 exception
  40. TV Listings 3.2.1 / NPVR.exe crashes
  41. "Create Link" from Amazon
  42. Minor default skin issues & a question about TheTVDb
  43. Request - Find More would search recordings, too
  44. Images in Popup after Enhancing
  45. .net error.
  46. Last Recording date in groupings wrong
  47. Request-in tv recording
  48. New recurring recording option + Image poster for recorded movied
  49. TVDB Link w/X-Files
  50. Not keeping prevoius listings
  51. XMLTVExtras can't find Listings Database
  52. Beta: TV Listings 3.4
  53. Scheduled Red Highlight Coloring goes Green
  54. Change Guide Order
  55. TVListings crash
  56. TVListings "TVDBCache Update" crashes NPVR
  57. Recording panel not working on PCH/NMT
  58. Scheduled Recordings Icon has Strange Behaviour
  59. Next Recording message showing
  60. Errors Starting?
  61. implementing auoremovemissingrecordings feature
  62. Default Guide still appears if watching Recordings.
  63. Hilighted Hour of the Guide after watching
  64. Move a Whole Page Up/Down
  65. Data file in the wrong location (XP 64bit)
  66. TV Listings not Starting on Npvr 2.0.3
  67. problem with TheTVDB and Grey's Anatomy
  68. NMT reboot & incremental updates not working
  69. TVListings 3.4 slow loading
  70. Genre colors not working
  71. TV Listings in Client pc?
  72. Inset video window
  73. Beta: TV Listings 3.5
  74. xmltvextras error
  75. Use with NPVR in Client Mode? Share Database?
  76. TVListings 3.5 CategoriesPopup
  77. Unable to change font in DetailsPopup.xml
  78. JIT error when starting the TV Listing
  79. New recordings not updated until NPVR restarted
  80. No thumbnails anymore within TV Listings after progressing to NextPVR 2.2.6
  81. EPG Symbols
  82. TV Listings: no current channel found!
  83. Two issues
  84. Episode Name vs. Episode Name *
  85. Listings gone before 2000 the day before
  86. XmltvExtras stopped working with new version of MC2XML
  87. Problem with Yellow button on PCH
  88. Using default schedule popup
  89. Multiple xml files in Ultra?
  90. Schedules Direct and extra info
  91. Move back to current time in TV Listings
  92. 2 clients, 1 doesnt show any listings (the listing screen doesnt show either)
  93. Jump to a specific channel
  94. Alignment of channel number and channel name
  95. Genre info missing from some guides
  96. Image grabbing from Amazon not working
  97. [TV Movie ClickFinder] ClickFinder is back online
  98. Record just "new" episodes?
  99. Creating man-rec with option 'weekly' creates a daily reapeating recording
  100. Feature Request: Show error/failure message for failed recordings
  101. jpgs left behind when episode deleted
  102. XmltvExtras & SchedulesDirect
  103. Manual Recording setting to one day earlier
  104. No Tv Listings Love
  105. Feature Request: TvRecordings : Vidoes
  106. Reverting to 'Default' Guide
  107. "Not yet Watched" sort for recordings?
  108. Fresh install, use old TV Listing.db, xmltv configuration?
  109. Feature Request: Update cover image
  110. TV Listings 3.5 crash when trying to add guide
  111. Feature Request - Highlight NEW episodes
  112. What files are required to keep a 2nd instal NPVR running TVListing current?
  113. Feature Request- "Not Yet Watched" recordings sort
  114. Duplicate channels don't get extra data
  115. Beta: TV Listings 3.6
  116. Lines of text in TV Recordings list items
  117. Strange Screen 3.6 beta
  118. Request: delete directory in recordings
  119. "One Moment Please" Live TV Message
  120. try to playback file, Element not found debug msg: @name=ListSelectionMetaData
  121. v3.6 Brilliant!
  122. TV Recordings & the viewed tick
  123. Where specifically do I place the TVListings files and folder to enable the plugin?
  124. How to do get Genre Colors working?
  125. Show Image Names?
  126. Feature Request: Actual Recording Time
  127. Show Images and Channel Icon in Clients?
  128. The Voice & Find More (TVDB)
  129. Editing TV Guide Help
  130. Genre Coloring Stopped Working
  131. Problem with TV Listings when listen Live TV
  132. Scheduler For EPG Collector & NPVR EPG Update
  133. minor bug with "Next Recording" in Recordings Panel
  134. Amazon Image Format
  135. Cannot change Recurring->Update Season->Recording Type
  136. Request: Sort by TheTVDB Season/Episode
  137. How to add to NPVR?
  138. Where can I find TV-Listings in the GUI?
  139. Does this only work if you are using XMLTV to get your channel info?
  140. EPG with TitanTV?
  141. Next Blue Skin not working with TV Listings
  142. Using TV Listings in New Zealand with DVB-S only
  143. Problem with NextBlue Skinning
  144. TV Listings not reading NPVR.db3?
  145. Series and Episode Numbers
  146. Recording confliuct showing already completed recording
  147. I no longer see the "NEW" icon with XMLTV Extras
  148. Negative minutes padding gone?
  149. Shows linked to TVDB showing image from xmltv file not TVDB image
  150. F9 TV Listings Guide crashes on second use
  151. npvr with ceton - bright house - tv guide/channel setup
  152. Problem when switching from XMLTV to SchedulesDirect...
  153. Pending recordings not updating with listings
  154. Season/Episode from theTVDB
  155. Channel position control missing
  156. Replace the exisiting
  157. Status Icon in TV Recordings
  158. Number of Stations on One Page
  159. Not Showing Up In Menu
  160. "TV Listings.dll" is causing NPVR to crash on startup.
  161. how to install?
  162. recording panel not working...
  163. 4 digit channel numbers?
  164. Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application...
  165. Tv Listings does not work with v3.1.1
  166. Beta: TV Listings 3.7
  167. Provide watched status, show preview/show info at top
  168. TV Listings doesn't run on client
  169. Listing minutes: 180 to 120 not working
  170. Add Date To Title
  171. Select "Find More"... Where?
  172. Database locked error
  173. New Genre
  174. Runtime Error - System.Data.SqLite.dll (XMLTvExtras.exe)
  175. Missing Dolby Indicators
  176. Suggestion For Enhancement
  177. XMLTVXTRAS Crashing After NextPVR Upgrade to 3.1.1
  178. mc2xml started pulling wrong channels - advice on what to do?
  179. Element not found Errors in the Log
  180. Poor EPG
  181. working with 3.2.9?
  182. Tv Show Renamer/Scraper for XBMC
  183. Unhandled Exception
  184. should XmltvExtras work with SchedulesDirect EPG data?
  185. Getting TV Listings to work
  186. The TV Listings Plug-In Is *NOT* Letting Me save Changes!!!!
  187. No TV listings Win 8
  188. enhancement Request: obey <AutoRemoveMissingRecordings> setting
  189. Archive feature
  190. ATTN Devs: Schedules Direct - Changes Coming
  191. Unhandled Exception errors. Please help!
  192. Show Art not deleted
  193. DB locked error since 3.3.8
  194. Grid Line Height - display out of sync with UI?
  195. Channel .numbers
  196. TV Listings Plug In Not Pulling "The Flash (2014)" Show
  197. Unexpected error: System.NullReferenceException:
  198. installing tv listings
  199. MHEG5 listings New Zealand
  200. Highlight New Episodes?
  201. Schedules Direct Grid time frame
  202. Duplicate Display_Name Problem
  203. TV Listings won't open
  204. Seeing future shows.
  205. "NEW" episode indicator?
  206. mc2xml end date 9/2/2015
  207. TV Recordings doesn't differentiate between All and All NEW Episodes in pending recs.
  208. How to auto update EPG guide listings
  209. TV Listings/xmltvextras
  210. NextPVR 3.6.6 pressing F9 twice generate and exception
  211. Schedules Direct Series Premiere
  212. Recurring recordings shift by one day when changing Pre Padding
  213. TV listings not populating in EPG using MC2XML
  214. -24hrs/+24hrs missing
  215. Fanart and Colons
  216. Using TV Listings?
  217. Category search yields "No Resutls Found"
  218. Group by title after category search after search and search for series
  219. Scrolling the categories
  220. Premier tag
  221. 3.8.3 web browser tv guide gets: System.Web.HttpException: The current identity (NT
  222. Trouble Getting Started with Guide Plus
  223. Trouble with Schedules Direct
  224. Where do TV Listings Files Go?
  225. Must be Doing Something Wrong with TV Listings
  226. Delete Recording crashes NPVR
  227. TV Listings plugin no longer works after upgrade to 3.9.2
  228. TV Listing Pluging Failing under 3,9.2(16119)
  229. TheTVDB missing from "Find More"
  230. Crash clicking on TV Recordings
  231. Suggested Change to Delete command when TVRecording -->Ready is selected.
  232. Multiple crashes on clients
  233. Pictures will not show in Pending with a colon in the title.
  234. Not seeing "New" ribbon in schedule
  235. TV Listing crashing
  236. Receiving Multiple OTA Market Channels
  237. Sort shows by title & ignore "The" in title???
  238. Unhandled Exception setting up TV Listings.
  239. Channel Listing for Brazil
  240. TV Listings Back Color & Logos
  241. TV Listings Failing on Execution
  242. TV Listings in Kodi NextPVR Client
  243. TVGuide vs TVListings and Remote
  244. New Unhandled Exception Error
  245. NextPVR Schedules Direct and XLMTV
  246. OTA ATSC Schedules Direct Listings
  247. How can I modify TV Listings Skin