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  1. nDroid v1.6.x support thread
  2. nDroid v1.7.4 available
  3. nDroid v1.7.5 available
  4. PLEASE READ: Reporting nDroid errors using Google Play
  5. nDroid and firewalls
  6. nDroid v1.7.7 released
  7. v1.7.7 issues
  8. nDroid service not responding after system sleep
  9. Can play liveTV but not recordings
  10. nDroid v1.8.1 released
  11. Trying to access music or videos causes the nDroid server to crash
  12. nDroid Service v maintenance release
  13. nDroid not working since update.
  14. nDroid Service v1.8.2 maintenance release
  15. nDroid over Ethernet
  16. nDroid - any problems need addressing???
  17. Cannot schedule recordings
  18. nDroid and media player apps
  19. No Live TV stream anymore
  20. Cannot connect
  21. Feature request: Left & right swipe to move between channels.
  22. Feature Request: Send WOL packet to server.
  23. Feature Request: Now and next option
  24. transcode
  25. list of recordings not showing
  26. Problem switching to new computer
  27. nDroid password problem
  28. Not getting any guide data and missing channels
  29. New install - App freezes / crashes after download of data from service
  30. excellent work!
  31. dvb radio not working?
  32. nDroid annoying issue.
  33. Ndroid not connecting over CDMA Sprint Cell Network
  34. VIdeo Player for NDroid
  35. kindle Fire HD?
  36. Problem with apostrophes in channel names
  37. nDroid available through Amazon Appstore
  38. nDroid - Somebody reported a crash report using Google Play - was it you?
  39. Mixed resolution recordings?
  40. Ndroid only using one tuner
  41. Jukebox mode
  42. 1.8.4
  43. Can't Get Past "nDroid service upgrade required" Message During v1.8.4 Install
  44. No recordings playing when connected to network via ethernet
  45. Now and Next listing going astray
  46. 1.8.5 and false Transcoding setting
  47. nDroid v1.8.6 now available
  48. 1.8.6
  49. W7 firewal woes
  50. Google Market Upload - Freeze during populating database
  51. Transcoding - dont get it
  52. 1.8.6/1.8.4 Missing channel logo
  53. Windows Firewall problem
  54. nDroid: I need testers with lots of channels
  55. nDroid not getting started
  56. Playing music in nDroid
  57. This video cannot be played.
  58. Quick walkthrough of nDroid set-up (phone side)
  59. Firewall oddities
  60. nDroid hangs on phone
  61. Recordings list out of date
  62. nDroid v1.8.7 available
  63. \\server\share
  64. Can't install new version of service
  65. FIX: nDroid v1.8.7 hangs at "Creating EPG update timer..."
  66. No audio when transcoding HD channels
  67. 1.8.7 several(?) problems
  68. EPG issues
  69. Delay updating
  70. nDroid (TE) - Tablet Edition released, testers needed
  71. nDroid (TE) feedback thread
  72. nDroid not loading after install on Tablet
  73. nDroid TE stalls at populating database
  74. ndroid livetv
  75. nDroid (TE) v2.0.1 update
  76. Windows 8 (64 bit) Ports do not open
  77. nDroid (TE) v2.0.2 update
  78. nDroid (TE) v2.0.3 update
  79. BadImageFormatException when opening nDroid Service Settings in Win Server 2012
  80. nDroid Service v1.8.9 update
  81. nDroid TE FileDownloader failed
  82. nDroid v1.89 uploaded to Google Play
  83. The future of nDroid
  84. nDroid LiveTV is not Possible if EPG information is not aviable
  85. Not streaming some recordings
  86. nDroid (TE) v2.0.5 - now supports phones (BETA)
  87. nDroid v1.9.0 uploaded
  88. nDroid (TE) Beta Testers Google Group
  89. cant stream any recordings
  90. Cant play video ndroid TE
  91. ndroid service will not start
  92. Play TS files?
  93. Ndroid 1.9 Updating EPG Download Failed
  94. disable "ndroid" service from exposing "C" drive?
  95. cant view a channel because it cant get guide data
  96. install problem?
  97. nDroid with ASUS TF700
  98. error 927 when attempting to install from Google play
  99. Sometimes livetv works and then it doesn't
  100. transcoding level set by network?
  101. Not Work
  102. Media player for Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 for watching Live TV? nDroid (TE)?
  103. Transcoding Live TV to Android
  104. W7 Firewall issue
  105. ffmpeg transcoding only utilizing 50% CPU.
  106. Channel logos not updated
  107. Can't remote stream
  108. Server 2012 R2
  109. video playback on android
  110. nDroid (TE) v2.1 available - Beta test group only
  111. nDroid TE v2.1.1 available - Beta Testers only
  112. nDroid n Samsung Galaxy S5
  113. Installation Failure on Windows 8.1 x64
  114. googleTV
  115. ndroid te search
  116. nDroid TE Beta Testers - anyone out there?
  117. Ability to play channels with no EPG
  118. channel logos
  119. can't watch from search result
  120. Force close on record
  121. what happened?
  122. Anyone using nDroid TE on devices running Android less than v4?
  123. Incomplete guide data
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  125. nDroid (TE) for Amazon Marketplace?
  126. nDroid Setup on Windows 10 firewall issue fixed
  127. NDROID TE Amazon Marketplace
  128. FF or RW??
  129. nDroid Download Location