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  1. Multiple simultaneous
  2. Upcoming Recordings Showing In Recordings List
  3. Is it Possible to Pause the Graph?
  4. Channel Icon Idea
  5. Linux Testing
  6. Live TV fails - lost recording
  7. XBMC Plugin
  8. Is this normal? (newest XBMC plugin)
  9. No PVR client has been started yet.
  10. High CPU usage in XBMC
  11. A little guidance needed
  12. NextPVR "Lite" version Possible? ... just a PVR backend, nothing else
  13. XBMCBuntu Frodo / OpenElec generic with NPVR addon?
  14. experience with pi
  15. Oh what fun....
  16. Android port
  17. Error with Windows Version
  18. XBMC support with NextPVR
  19. XBMC questions
  20. live tv keeps jumping back
  21. Icons, thumbnail & fanart support in API
  22. getting buffering every 10-15 minutes or so.. random audio dropouts..
  23. Recording Indicator on screen
  24. git and building from source
  25. Live-tv buffer not cleared
  26. Channelchange issues, debug logs
  27. NPVR addon slow startup?
  28. [HDPVR/Colossus] Channel Changing with NPVR Addon
  29. Deleting recordings
  30. Trying to get plugin talking to NPVR...
  31. Some OSD button issues.
  32. Indicating failed recordings / errors
  33. Sigma hardware device port?
  34. Dark Screen
  35. Migrating from For The Record (FTR) to NPVR
  36. Resuming and comskip in XBMC
  37. Usage questions for you that are using XBMC + NPVR
  38. Pausing Live TV streams
  39. Odd behavior with video/adio on older Pioneer PDP display
  40. npvr+xbmc+hdhr prime.
  41. XBMC addon stopped working
  42. Xbmc getting stuck reading Epg data from clients...
  43. Eden builds?
  44. In-Progress Recordings
  45. Linux noob
  46. Search EPG always fails?
  47. XBMC addon and ports
  48. Auto skipping commercials / playback recordings
  49. NPVR Add-on Now Included in OSX Nightlies
  50. request regarding development of plugin
  51. live tv timeshift and other changes
  52. NPVR > XBMC in Apple iOS
  53. xbmc on raspbmc restarts when loading channels from NPVR
  54. Raspberry Pi build for XBMC Addon v (with timeshift)
  55. Deleting a recording that has a reoccurring schedule results in deleting the shedule
  56. Speed improvements vs experimental support
  57. Ubuntu 12.10 XBMC NPVR plugin not recognized
  58. Insert errors in xbmc.log
  59. Dim UI in XBMC Windows
  60. Live TV Pausing - and ending
  61. API error with latest XBMC
  62. Missing Channel Icons
  63. XBMC PVR demux
  64. XBMC Beta 1
  65. "No PVR Clients Have Been Started Yet"
  66. Genre colors
  67. Digital Cable?
  68. No Audio NextPVR Client OpenELEC 3 Beta 1/2 ATV1 Only
  69. Timing.info and XBMC
  70. XBMC 12.0 beta 1 installed, I get "NextPVR connection lost" message
  71. XBMC 12.0 beta 2, no audio during live tv
  72. Silicondust USA, Inc. announces DLNA Live TV Digital Media Server (DMS)
  73. Trying to use latest nightly with NPVR
  74. Video repeats every few seconds
  75. LiveTV Just...stops. Also, lots of buffering.
  76. Problems with changing channel - It says buffering but I don't think it is!
  77. No EPG, Subtitles always on, changing channels doesn't work
  78. Missing Channels
  79. Available recordings not showing up
  80. Raspberry Pi info @ xbmc wiki
  81. EDL now supported in xbmc
  82. xbmc Pi build questions
  83. Digital Radio in XBMC
  84. Repeating Timer only runs once
  85. NextPVR/XBMC on OpenElec - ION
  86. NextPVR plugin crashing in latest RC2 Nightlies as of 12/29/12
  87. Recording names
  88. Channel icons will not display
  89. Buffering Issue
  90. Web Service with password - does this work?
  91. No PVR clients started yet
  92. Latest NextPVR add-on
  93. I must be missing something...
  94. NextPVR and XBMC Internet streaming BITRATE
  95. xbmc add-on v1.6.2 client response. Win V Pi
  96. Works on NextPVR, not XBMC
  97. Marked Watched
  98. Blank Screen, Buffering, Not Changing Channels
  99. xbmc key mappings and volume control
  100. Pause a recording or LiveTV
  101. Strange behaviour or bug i would say
  102. Decoder Help
  103. Timeshift Keeping Files
  104. Works in nextPVR but not in XBMC
  105. XBMC Rrodo RC3 some channels buffering 0%
  106. Live TV issue after appyling NPVR 2.5.9 Patches R2
  107. Plugin not working
  108. Database Error
  109. Accessing EPG in XBMC crashes XBMC
  110. Often need to restart xbmc to see new recordings
  111. (feature request) queuing recordings
  112. Please help with setup
  113. XBMC Playback
  114. LiveTV Stops Tuner No Longer Available
  115. XBMC on ATV - runs on Released Frodo
  116. Deleted
  117. Comskip rules for XBMC.
  118. Notes on XBMC playback
  119. XBMC Could not connect
  120. Streaming Live TV to XBMC Settings Questions
  121. Addon question
  122. Constant buffering Windows 8 x64 / NextPVR 2.5.9 / ATV2 with XBMC / HDHomeRun ATSC
  123. Raspberry Pi + Raspbmc first look
  124. Another XBMC EPG problem
  125. NPVR Server sleeps while XBMC is playing video files
  126. NPVR R2 UI / XBMC Plugin Buffering Issues
  127. Navigation in sub-folders
  128. First time user Problems
  129. Client being disconnected?
  130. network recorder not showing in devices after following instructions
  131. Tuner No Longer Available
  132. Raspbmc not playing Live TV from nPVR
  133. XBMC with Linux Mint and NPVR
  134. xmbc rebooting after pvr addon enable
  135. XBMC - EPG Genere Colors
  136. HVR 1250 remote
  137. ComSkip support for PVR Recordings
  138. Tuner not available after installing 2.6.2
  139. Channel change speed
  140. Tuner not available on 2.5.9
  141. Tuner no longer available (2.6.2)
  142. EPG update issues
  143. XBMC hangs after a few hours of live TV
  144. Tuner no longer available
  145. Tuner no longer available
  146. EPG bug with description
  147. EPG recurring issue
  148. XBMC hangs on channel change
  149. Where is the XBMC add on?
  150. Nextpvr Connection Lost
  151. Buffering when loading channel issiue
  152. NextPVR Client in XBMC Keeps Buffering
  153. Connection Lost Remote Machines
  154. XBMC 12.1 playing recording whilst still recording stops
  155. NextPVR + XBMC + USB DigitalNow Dabby
  156. Why XBMC with NPVR?
  157. DVBT Radio working?
  158. Live TV stops playing after 13 and a half minutes
  159. XBMC on NPVR server?
  160. watching in progress recordings
  161. Works in NPVR, no channels found in XBMC
  162. Current outstanding issues with HDHomeRun Prime + NextPVR + XBMC
  163. XBMC on Linux Mint
  164. No Recordings Listed in xbmc (npvr addon)
  165. Schedules Direct EPG Translation
  166. Nightly Compatible build with genre support?
  167. Do NPVR recordings show up in XBMC TV Shows library?
  168. Pause Live TV
  169. Anyone using an OUYA with XBMC
  170. XBMC viewing problem
  171. XBMC ATV2 audio static
  172. XBMC 13 Compatibility?
  173. Enable Timeshift
  174. NextPVR PVR Client Tuner no longer available
  175. NextPVR Tuner Not Available?
  176. Development?
  177. Finding the bottleneck
  178. Can't change channels in XBMC
  179. npvr not deleting after done watching
  180. Can't get NPVR to work in timeshift mode via XBMC plugin
  181. Playback stops intermittently when in timeshift mode
  182. Cannot view channels with XMBC NextPVR plugin
  183. Logos lost
  184. Issues watching BBC (PSB1?) on LiveTV for XBMC
  185. Connection lost
  186. Hooray! Up and Running with RaspBMC & NPVR Plugin
  187. HD Homerun setup and working but......
  188. xbmc nextpvr addon on android livetv issue
  189. TV Guide
  190. How can my tuner card be enabled (with channels) but not present?!
  191. Timeshift recording crashes on nPVR 3.1.1 and XBMC Frodo
  192. 3.1.1, XBMC and .edl
  193. Shared.dll working with 3.1.1?
  194. Timing issue?
  195. LiveTV Buffer not clearing when stopping playback
  196. Buffering stuck at 0% on live tv in xbmc
  197. Connection Lost
  198. Gotham build of pvr.nextpvr
  199. xbmc can't any channel !!
  200. XMBC Addon for NextPVR
  201. XBMC & Genre
  202. Advice: Best XBMC skin for Android Tablet ?
  203. where to find earlier version of NPVR xbmc addon other than 1.6.5
  204. Experimental Gotham addon, with additional functionality
  205. Further additions to the Gotham addon
  206. Changed Recordings Directory
  207. invalid pin issue
  208. Live TV stream will not play
  209. Gotham: Intermittent 'Tuner no longer available'
  210. XBMC Genre Colouring
  211. OpenELEC XBMC keeps stopping videos
  212. Adding xbmc to a nexr pvr setup
  213. Multiple clients can't watch the same channel?
  214. XBMC and the NextPVR client
  215. NextPVR xbmc addon teletext
  216. XBMC crashes when NPVR claims tuner for recording
  217. Have to change channels 3 times after xbmc starts
  218. RASPBMC disconnects from npvr
  219. NextPVR Add-on not working!!
  220. NextPVR Addon TV Signal Strength Not Working
  221. XBMC Setup Issues
  222. XBMC on PCH A-100?
  223. XBMC Live TV can't rewind/fast forward
  224. Gotham addon
  225. [Feature Request?] Flagging TV Tuner channels as radio channels.
  226. Watch currently recording program?
  227. Unable to record using xbmc gotham add-on
  228. Can't change settings
  229. Tuners - embarrassingly basic Newbie question
  230. XBMC com skip supported for Mythtv
  231. Help finding a Gotham beta img with working NEXTPVR Add on.
  232. Recordings Order
  233. WinTV-DCR-2650 on virtual machine
  234. NPVR + Gotham + RPI
  235. Connection problem with Windows, XBMC, and N-PVR
  236. NPVR connection lost XMBC
  237. need a little help understanding this
  238. DVBT Radio
  239. Can't "jump" forward/back reliably on some recordings
  240. Orphaned files when deleting from XBMC
  241. Gotham RC1 w/Comskip
  242. Seeing more information in the Recordings
  243. Problems recording HD channels
  244. XBMC hanging
  245. RaspBMC Tuner Not Available Loop
  246. Dumbest question ever?
  247. XBMC Live vs. NPVR - Tuner not available...
  248. Recordings not updating
  249. Recorded .TS files causing problems XBMC? How are others working around it?
  250. XBMC changing it's name to Kodi.