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  1. Experience with the Pivos XS and XBMC
  2. [X-NEWA] Read me first
  3. download?
  4. X-NEWA Public Beta
  5. Settings
  6. problems getting tv-guide
  7. TV Guide
  8. Is video streamed without conversion?
  9. Teletext subtitles
  10. http://forums.gbpvr.com/showthread.php?52855-Teletext-subtitles
  11. Jumping into X-Newa directly at XBMC startup..
  12. Recordings grouped by series/title?
  13. Experience with the CuBox
  14. EPG one hour out
  15. After config, doesnt work :(
  16. NEWA Config Screen Documentation
  17. Can't get timeshifting to work ?
  18. Integrating XBMC and NextPVR via X-NEWA
  19. android
  20. X-NEWA Freezes
  21. 2.5.5 Compatible?
  22. unable to get this to work
  23. Does X-NEWA.....?
  24. Playing recordings
  25. Attempting to get this working in Eden
  26. Playback suddenly stopped working?
  27. Weird behavior
  28. X-NEWA or XMBC Plugin
  29. Add-on does not have the correct structure
  30. Genre Colors
  31. Issues with streaming on NEWA and X-NEWA. Are they related?
  32. X-NEWA- VLC transcoding for ATV2 based xbmc
  33. Free space graph doesn't display properly
  34. X-Newa - for plex...possible?
  35. NEWA to an Apple TV
  36. new to x-newa and problems freezing no audio
  37. x-newa and android?
  38. Unable Load NEWA data
  39. Server ip addresskeeps reseting when i close
  40. HDHomerun Direct Streaming
  41. i am an idiot
  42. X-NEWA "Chameleon"
  43. X-NEWA "Chameleon" pre-release
  44. X-NEWA "Chameleon" on the Raspberry Pi
  45. Selecting show in EPG brings up channel dialog
  46. X-NEWA Chameleon - Getting back to settings?
  47. Playback and .edl
  48. X-NEWA Update 2013-12-31
  49. 2.1.1 Update 2014-01-16
  50. 2.1.4 or NEWA Problem or something else?
  51. Using X-NEWA
  52. A few questions from the sticky....
  53. NextPVR Web Client home screen problem
  54. Live TV Timeshift, comskip for active recordings and a few more questions
  55. X-NEWA V2 Release 2014-04-01
  56. Can't get Wake On Lan to work.
  57. Update Library on Delete?
  58. X-NEWA metadata problem
  59. X-NEWA Remote Control Request
  60. Clock Problem
  61. Problem with STOP key on remote
  62. A recording wont play in X-NEWA
  63. Jump Directly to Particular Section of XNEWA
  64. [WIP] New Confluence Skin for XNEWA
  65. XNEWA Error When Scheduling Recurring Recording of NEW Episodes
  66. Where is it?
  67. Where is it?
  68. "Could not open NextPVR on [port]" error
  69. Not playing manual recording
  70. [WINDOWS] Crash When Selecting Recent Recording with '?' in Name
  71. X-NEWA 2.4.0 now with Confluence skins
  72. New Confluence Gotham Mod with Deeper XNEWA Integration
  73. VLC setting
  74. X-NEWA Very Slow to Start
  75. Problems with imported recordings
  76. Auto refresh after recording deletion
  77. Potential Issue with NEWA 2.13
  78. Support for Channel-Groups in x-newa?
  79. X-NEWA TV Guide Issues
  80. x-newa 2.4.2
  81. X-NEWA 2.4.2 Update Problems
  82. Web Client: Different Live playback mechanism?
  83. Default sort order for episodes
  84. What can't XNEWA do?
  85. How do I exit XNEWA?
  86. Plugin locks up
  87. Close X-NEWA (webclient) when server goes to sleep
  88. An error occurred [when setting up a recording]
  89. X-newa 2.4.4
  90. X-NEWA NextPVR Options unavailable
  91. LiveTV Playback
  92. "Unable to load NEWA data"-error
  93. Internet streaming with X-NEWA
  94. Unable to go to the next page (right) in TV guide
  95. X-NEWA Archive flag.
  96. XNEWA 2.4.6 ~alpha
  97. Install Instructions
  98. Video Streaming Mode
  99. Comskip in NEXTPVR and X-NEWA in KODI?
  100. X-Newa Web Client not playing.
  101. Manual Recordings
  102. X-NEWA UNC Path?
  103. Time shift possible is X-NEWA?
  104. Playback not working sometimes
  105. X-NEWA Web Client on the RPi2
  106. Thrown back to kodi menu from x-newa webclient on rpi2
  107. Queuing up a playlist
  108. Problem with path substitution
  109. X-NEWA pictures blending
  110. Remote record button
  111. X-NEWA Launches But Only Displays Blank/Black Screen
  112. X-NEWA 2.4.7 Pre-release
  113. XNEWA Showing Upcoming Recordings in a Loop with Kodi v15
  114. All Recordings in X-NEWA main screen
  115. Can't load the confluence skin
  116. XNEWA unable to connect to server every 24 hrs
  117. Error retrieving EPG data
  118. Reccomended Settings?
  119. unable to load newa data
  120. advancedsettings.xml
  121. Server Sleeps when in use!
  122. X-NEWA and iOS
  123. Stuttering playback of Live TV on Android TV
  124. Touch screen support for android tablet using Xnewa
  125. X-NEWA 2.4.8 Release candidate
  126. corrupted jumbled screen
  127. Transcoding Live Stream
  128. Could not open NextPVR on 192.168.1.X
  129. X-Newa vs NextPVR XBMC - Comskip with Black Bars
  130. X-NEWA Install observations
  131. X-NEWA on Kodi 15.2/QNAP NAS
  132. X-NEWA Settings Questions
  133. X-NEWA: Customize TV Guide to work with other Kodi Addons
  134. keymap.xml or remote.xml for use with X-NEWA on a RPi2?
  135. Jarvis Confluence Skin Mods with XNEWA Integration
  136. What skin file(es) is/are used to layout the Info OSD when played via X-NEWA?
  137. Is there a new download location?
  138. Kodi playback OSD
  139. Problem with Kodi determining recording length
  140. Go direclty to Web client?
  141. Occasionally recordings fail to play until I exit Kodi
  142. XNEWA Estuary Skin for Kodi 17
  143. X-NEWA 2.5.0 Alpha 8
  144. about the web client
  145. X-NEWA Usage
  146. Blanck screens with x-newa
  147. Autoexec.py
  148. Web client cursor keys stop working
  149. X-newa 2.5.2 Release
  150. Very slow menu navigation in KODI 17 only in web client
  151. Remove Post-Padding limitation?
  152. 3.9.2 Web server not starting
  153. UP & Down cursor keys no longer give 10 min skip
  154. Playing Recordings that are still in progress
  155. New On Screen Display has dissapeared!
  156. TV Guide does not refresh
  157. Turning off time-shifting
  158. Playback
  159. Playback Stalling on Web Client
  160. Playing commercial-less recordings from HTPC to android clients from xnewa, nPVR
  161. Clarification of Path Substitution
  162. Web client NextPVR OSD mode questions
  163. In progress recordings in xnewa
  164. LibreElec & X-NEWA
  165. X-Newa in any of the menus in SPMC
  166. Playback stopping when another recording ends
  167. Whats the repo
  168. Kodi 17.3 X-NEWA Setup Issues
  169. Upcoming Recordings Sections are Empty
  170. X-NEWA 2.5.3 Release
  171. X-NEWA Skin Options / Classic Font Size Increase
  172. EDL Skipping Broken
  173. A few questions about X-Newa settings
  174. Playback Recordings Not Working for VLC Streaming
  175. Guide Scrolling
  176. Location of Guide.xml in XNEWA on RPi2?
  177. How do I enable X-NEWA's Read-Only Mode?
  178. channels without epg
  179. WOL in X-NEWA on Fire Stick
  180. How to change group in tv guide inside x-newa webinterface
  181. Recordings with special characters in title do not play
  182. Path Substitution
  183. Unable to load NEWA data
  184. X-NEWA support for selecting server
  185. Compatibility with Leia
  186. Could not open NextPVR on from Kodi on Sony TV with Android OS
  187. [Moved] Comskip with XNEWA on Kodi 18 Leia
  188. X-NEWA 2.5.4 Release
  189. X-NEWA Web Client Crashing
  190. X-NEWA Web Client Not Acting On Keypresses
  191. Tempo change.
  192. X-NEWA End of Life
  193. knew4v5 2.6.0 Testing
  194. knew4v5 Fatal Python Error on OSX
  195. knew4v5 2.6.1 Fatal Error on Windows and OSX When Loading
  196. knew4v5 2.6.3 Testing
  197. knew4v5 2.6.6 Testing