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  1. Screen shots and video preview
  2. Known Supported Models
  3. What Samsung device do you have?
  4. [US][2011] Blu-Ray BD-D5300 (not working) [NOT SUPPORTED]
  5. [NZ][DVB-S][2012] Blu-Ray BD-E5900
  6. Change log (moved to portal.reven.co.nz)
  7. [AU][DVB-T][2013] BD-F6500 (Blu-Ray with SmartHub)
  8. [IMPORTANT] Upgrade instructions
  9. [US][DVB-T][2011] UN55D6400 (No DVD SmartHub) [NOT SUPPORTED]
  10. Need a 2011 Bluray player, anyone got one?
  11. [NZ][DVB-S][2013]Blu-Ray BD-F6500
  12. Video playback
  13. Development ramblings
  14. TV Selection - UA55F6400 a good pick?
  15. Its been a few days
  16. New to samsung app
  17. Samsung bluray BD-E5500
  18. [NZ][DVB-S][2012] Blu-ray BD-E5500 [NOT SUPPORTED]
  19. [US][2012] Blu-Ray BD-EM59C
  20. [nz][dvb-t]bd-f6500
  21. [uk][dvb-t][2012] tv es6900
  22. [US][2013]Blu-Ray BD-F5900
  23. Found solution for skipping problem :)
  24. NZ: BD-F6500 (2013 Smart Bluray) on sale at goodguys for $200!!
  25. [be] [pal - dvbt/c/s] [2012] led-tv ue46es8000
  26. Samsung App Questions
  27. Merry Xmas: Open access to beta
  28. Do we have a wishlist here??
  29. Wake on LAN (WOL)
  30. Version Error on F7500
  31. US BD-F5900 Pause screen problems
  32. UK[UE40F5500]corrupt or missing menus
  33. Download Latest Samsung NextPVR app zip folder
  34. TEMP: Install package unavailable
  35. Lip Sync Issues with 0.176
  36. UK[UE40F5500]freezes trying to change server IP or port.
  37. Stuck on "Loading Current Programmes"
  38. No Picture Samsung UN55ES7500
  39. Problems with upgrade to version
  40. Bluray BD-D5700 2011 model DOES have SmartHub and allow Develop login
  41. anyone have a google tv device?
  42. UK[UE40F5500]Deleting the wrong recording!
  43. Samsung UN60F6300 - Hangs when selecting LiveTV
  44. Screensaver Issue
  45. First setting up NextPVR almost there
  46. How to report a bug
  47. Server not found - trying to connect to download app
  48. Not deleting recording - plus can't seem to get logs.
  49. Couple of Issues
  50. what to buy
  51. Upgrade issues
  52. Displayed time 1 hour out now we're in "summer time"
  53. app won't install on Samsung BD-FM59C
  54. Problem installing on BD-H6500
  55. Anyone using a Samsung F6300 LCD?
  56. Portal offline,NextPVR for Samsung zip available here.
  57. Now Open Source at bitbucket
  58. Newb Questions
  59. Install Instructions
  60. No Video when watching Recordings or LiveTV from Web/Samsung App