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  1. NextPVR Android app
  2. NextPVR Android app now available
  3. NextPVR Android client now available
  4. Doesn't connect
  5. audio stream
  6. Stream two devices
  7. Suggestions for Android
  8. hello is possible?
  9. Auto connect
  10. Couple more wishes for Android
  11. External Access - Set port?
  12. Cant' connect.
  13. how to use on android device to record
  14. External Access
  15. Support for direct play
  16. Missing some channel icons
  17. Ability to modify / delete schedules
  18. Some feedback and suggestions
  19. Recordings fan art missing
  20. Navigation on non-touch devices...
  21. Direct play, something not quite right
  22. Need more controls on playback
  23. Guide missing a channel
  24. Play Store reinstall
  25. Amazon Firestick and Apps2Fire
  26. Suggestions for the Android app.
  27. Guide 24 Hr Format
  28. Live TV Freeze
  29. Channels not playing
  30. Another dumb question
  31. Sideload on Android TV
  32. New User
  33. Multiple recordings of same who
  34. Android app skips back 5-10min loop
  35. Android Client Issues/Suggestions
  36. Problem with app on amazon device.
  37. Does the Android app work on Roku devices?
  38. Missing Information
  39. Transcoding Problem
  40. keep server awake when watching live tv via npvr app
  41. Deleting watched recodings
  42. Does the Android app work with Chromebooks
  43. Help with android app
  44. Feature Request: Android TV Live Channel Integration
  45. Feature request : chromecast
  46. android client can't find server
  47. fhd channels
  48. Android app looks like a beta
  49. Slow to transcode live shows
  50. Remote control?
  51. Problems App on Andriod When Trying to Watch Recorded
  52. Android Live TV freezes after 1 min - audio loops back to beginning
  53. Cant connect
  54. Possible to use an external player (MX Player) for playback?
  55. Android Client Subtitles?
  56. Delete/edit server?
  57. Record only new episodes from Android app
  58. Ideas for Android app features
  59. Anything other than .ts files?
  60. Android APP Guide Loading at Random Hours Instead of Whats Live.
  61. Client sees server but won't connect
  62. Patch 3.9.2
  63. Unable to Connect
  64. Deleted channels are showing up, but only in Android App
  65. streaming wifi any
  66. streaming wifi ouside network