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2004-04-21, 08:12 PM

Are you still looking for someone to do a virtual keyboard?

I'd be happy to pick it up.


2004-04-21, 08:34 PM
Dai, sub

as we are running XP (well most of us are) is there any mileage in the Microsoft Accessibility tools? That includes a reasonable popup keyboard. I know that you can use the mouse, a joystick or game pad to operate it I'm not sure whether you could use i/r though. Still possibly worth a little effort just in case a large percentage of the work is already done.


2004-04-21, 08:38 PM
Not through the TV Out on the PVR350 you couldn't http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif

2004-04-22, 06:57 AM
...just some thoughts.

Dai, if you'd like to give it a go you could probably implement it using the exact same interface as the plugin samples, but with an extra method like public string getVirtualKBText() which returns the string the user entered.

This would enable you to test it just like all the other plugins (off the main menu), even though it wouldn't used this way eventually.

Usually near the start of the render() method, plugins paint the background file, instead you probably want to fill the bitmap with the Transparent brush, and only draw the virtual KB in those parts of the screen you need.

This way, other areas of the application or other plugins could use the virtual KB if required, and overlay the virtual keyboard over other screens (with parts still visible).

2004-04-22, 08:47 AM
OK, I'll give it a go.

I was thinking of a qwerty layout which you navigate with the cursor keys and select a key with OK. The letters you select build up in a string at the bottom. Perhaps a grid layout would be better than qwerty. I also need to think about what punctuation characters I need to include and whether to include numbers (as these can be entered directly on the remote).

I guess I could make the layout of the buttons configurable through the skin so we can have options.

I also may try to include mobile phone type entry on of text in parallel.

Any thoughts/comments


2004-04-22, 08:49 AM

In response to your comment, I think we need to do it like this to support control by the remote and output to the TV out ont the 350. Both of which are essential to me.


2004-04-22, 10:09 AM
Think of this concept. Someone came up with this idea over at the myHTPC forums but I don't think anyone has done anything with it.


3 keystrokes and you can always get to your character. All you need on your remote is your four directional keys and enter key. This is a very smart concept.


2004-04-22, 06:00 PM
Thats a pretty cunning approach. Might possibly require too much thought for some people.

Dai, obviously start we the keyboard type you prefer, but we might want to keep in mind using alternate keyboard types. Later we could add a config option. My not talking about endless keyboard types, but I do like the three that have been discussed here:

- regular grid keyboard
- mobile phone number entry
- the flashy diamond shaped approach described