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2004-09-20, 09:53 AM
i'm making a xmltv grabber for new zealand channels, since the ones out there are limited, i've done one channel which works fine, but on my second channel gb-pvr wont render them in the tv guide, adds the channel when i update the EPG via Config, and i cant find the error in the xmltv file, i was hoping someone could help me find the error in the file, so heres the url for it

xmltv file (http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~john.a/xmltv/mychan.xml)

for all those nzers out there i'm working on the channels
tv1,tv2,tv3,c4(might not work),juice tv,prime,triangle,trackside, maori tv(never watch it but the more channels in guide looks pretty:))

2004-09-20, 10:37 AM
i figured it out, i was name the id "prime.co.nz" and that was causing an error, i dont know why, but it was fixed it with "9PrimeTV", use the 9 for the channel position.

if anyone is interested its my app is written in c# and has a gui and a console interface(for batch commands mostly), ill try and get most nz channels included, get auckland done first, should be finished in about a month, once i get tv1,tv2,tv3,prime,triangle working ill post a url for the app
prime and triangle are working now (havent got desc for prime yet, ill worry about that later)
tv3 should be easy enough, pretty much the same setup as the prime website

question to nzers outside of auckland:
which channels do you get free to air?