View Full Version : mvpmc and Vista problems

2007-02-14, 11:18 AM
I'm trying the latest nightly on a Vista m/c. The dongle loads OK and I can navigate around the menu but many functions don't work. LiveTV (reboots), music (nothing happens) , videos (reboots) don't work. Displaying photos, TV Guide, Find does work.

Lindsay because I don't have Vista available this is difficult, but this looks like problems with the media service. My first things to steps to debug this would be

1) ensure that the media service is not firewalled
2) make sure that both Hauppauge services are off.
3) attach the gbpvr.exe log, sticking with mp3 audio for now.

I'm not sure how comfortable you are doing technical things but I can do more if you think you can telnet to your mvp. If you don't understand this don't worry but if you can I will upload a dongle to mvpmc.org that displays debug information that can work in cooperation with gbpvr logs.

After a reboot, the first button press is swallowed.

I know this problem. Something I do causes an an additional display of the initial gbpvr and hauppauge screens, and no remote keys are accepted until the second arrives. Waiting a second or so you might not see this.

Also by reboot do you mean mvpmc reboots or does emulation mode end and mvpmc return to the main screen (without going through power up cycle)?

But it does communicate under Vista which is a plus! However, the above problems don't make it a likely replacement just yet, unfortunately.
Right now overall it is an alternative and not a replacement.