View Full Version : Video "Play All" Option

2007-02-20, 03:55 AM
I was wondering how important the "Play All" option was for video files. I've had a lot of recent stability success with emulation changes for LiveTV and playing from the TV Guide, pretty much leaving this as the remaining GBPVR feature I cannot emulate. Before I attempt to fix this, I'd like to know how anyone is actually using the feature (on a semi-regular basis) to justify the time.

For those that are interested, the primary reason for my problem is the playback cache that mvpmc makes available can buffer 30 seconds of mpeg-1 video and which causes problems communicating when files really start and end. I don't want to change the buffer size because it can smooth the video playback.

Edit note: I've decided I'm going to implement this, once I can figure out how.


2007-02-22, 09:28 PM
I see you have decided to fix this which is great because I use this option all the time. I have folders of short kids shows so the Play all allows me to just play 5x10 minute programs instead of having to start each one manually. That keeps my 3 year old happy.

I also use it for some music videos that I have ripped off DVD's. I've arranged them in folders and can just play one folder at a time.