View Full Version : mvpmc & Net Radio.

2007-07-13, 08:43 PM
I user emailed to ask how to get Net Radio with the mvpmc until PVRX2 supports it.

Here is a quick & dirty way to stream mp3 and ogg stations via mvpmc without using GBPVR. This first method is designed for those who can use the mvpmc share.

1. On the host PC copy the desired m3u and pls file containing the URL of the stations you want to listen to into the mvpmc shared folder (or a sub-folder)

2. On mvpmc, exit emulation mode with Go - Back.
Use the Filesystem option and navigate to /etc/mvpmc
Select the pls or m3u file to play the desired stream.

3. To stop playing hit the stop key and hit the Back key to get to the main menu.

If you just want to test it, even without an mvpmc share, in step 2 navigate to /usr/playlist and load the file called default.m3u. Some formats in this(aac+,wma, ra) are supported but not as easily setup. You can also update this file by pointing your browser's IP at the mvpmc's but your choices won't be remembered after you unplug/reboot.

You can do more than this but that should be a start.