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2004-12-26, 09:01 PM
I added a new item when you open up the recording box callled find more. That would then launch fast find and populate it with the title of the recording that you are on.

I have this done today, however there are some things I do not like about this solution. So I have it precompiled out. It requires that a fastfind.dll be located in the gbpvr root directory. And second it would fail if not present.

Is this something worth having even with this depenency?


2004-12-27, 12:55 AM
I think it is well worth it. Especially when I have a conflict. With one click of a button I can see other listings in FindFast.

We have to copy files for plugins anyway, what is one more file?

I also believe this will give other developers the ability to integrate with FindFast as well with their plugins, no?

2004-12-27, 12:52 PM
Yeah other developers can then integrate with find fast. It seems that each level of indirection gets a little slower. It is not that bad. I will post the plugin today.

2004-12-28, 11:29 AM
The text is getting messed up on the MVP? Is the text readable just in the wrong position?

2005-01-04, 10:20 PM

For conflicts it would be nice to have the ability to resolve them.

I see two ways for the resolution:
1. Use a Find More, find a new program and delete
2. Have a listing of the same eposide at a different time (you can use unique_identifier)
3. Choose to record this item and put all other items in conflict-- you can also delete the other items

Also, if you go into xrecord, then go the TV guide to create a conflict... then go back to xrecord, the conflicts do not show up. You have to exit and re-enter GBPVR to see conflicts in xrecord.

As always, thanks for efforts.

2005-01-05, 01:49 AM
I will take a look at these in a week or so. I want to do some stuff to fastfind.

Adding find more for a conflict show is easy this is a one liner.

for #2 it would be easier to say resolve automatically that would find all conflicts get the unique ids and determine another time for the show that does not conflict. As long as the unique ids do repeat for show repeats.

3. Choose to record this item and put all other items in conflict-- you can also delete the other items
That is not that bad.

The reason you have to exit to get the conflicts to appear is probably because gbpvr only moves them to conflict on startup or at periodic intervals.