View Full Version : Problems with some remote buttons

2007-08-26, 04:30 PM
Hi. I am having problems with some buttons on the remote for the mvpmc. Most often when I watch a digital cable show, the pause button (and possibly some others) stops working. Strangely enough, they seem to work fine when I use analog. Also on movies, as far as I can see.

I like to pause live TV. :-)

Other buttons work fine, such as volume, change channels, stop and exit.

I just reinstalled by entire system, and thought this problem and other strange behaviour would go away, but this one did not.

Buttons work fine on the GBPVR-bundled dongle.
Is this something known that can be fixed? I checked the logs, and there are no trace of a Pause command when I get no response. When I do get it, I see a log entry for that.
I have not played around too much with the mvpmc.

2007-08-26, 05:15 PM
Which version of mvpmc? It is in the About screen on the main menu.


2007-08-26, 06:01 PM
It is the latest version (Aug 24) I believe. But I have had it in an earlier version as well before I did the re-install.

2007-08-26, 10:17 PM
The reason I asked about the version was that I did make a small change for 1.0.16 and I hoped that would help. Unfortunately it's really hard to debug digital cable to mvpmc because of the transcoding requirements. I also can't receive any HD digital content to test.

I use the recommended Cyberlink mux v. 1307 with no AC3 filter so my sound is out of sync, but I usually don't have a problem pausing but I have to make sure I wait for the OSD screen to show or I have problems. During a pause mvpmc is strictly responding to what the server tells it to do. What mux are you using?

I have noticed that gbpvr sometimes doesn't respond to a pause, but at the same time I noted that the pause command is being sent. I have seen this with the Hauppauge dongle too, and in fact because I run Vista, the remote message gets so messed up so much I can't really compare. When Hauppauge provides a better dongle, I will do more comparing

In the long run, I hope that gbpvr will send the raw mpeg-ts feed to mvpmc to avoid the whole muxing issue. If you are getting good results with the supplied dongle that probably is your best bet.