View Full Version : MVP resets when playing music or showing photos

2007-09-14, 10:30 PM
I have recently been having a problem with my setup where the MVP is resetting itself after playing music or viewing photos in slideshow mode.

For music, when any song gets about a minute into the song, the MVP reboots itself.

For photos, if I use slideshow mode, the MVP will reboot after a few pictures. If I use the arrow keys to advance thru the photos, then it doesn't reboot.

For recordings and livetv, the MVP does NOT reset itself.

Any ideas?


2007-09-14, 11:35 PM
It will help to know if you are using mvpmc what version of the dongle and what version of GB/PVRX2 are you using? Also please upload the relevant GBPVR log file (MVP-*) when the problem occurred. You might need to enable log the flush log message to disk option if you are using 1.0.16