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2007-09-18, 08:27 AM
Hi Martin I was trying out the 9-11 dongle. I hadn't until now due to all the posts about problems with it and I didn't have much time. But I have a day off today so I have time :) .
I noticed that scrolling the miniguide is very slow. In the 8-24 dongle it took about a second to when you clicked the down arrow before it would actually go down one item. With the latest version it takes ~4 secs, when I do a page down it takes ~5-6 secs till it actually shows the next "page".

cya Hans

2007-09-18, 11:47 AM
Hi Hans, this is a problem in the alpha. I added a command to clear the OSD overlay buffer that is used over video and it has slowed the mini-guide. The trouble that I am having is that videos with srt files need mvpmc to do a clear because unlike other OSD elements they don't seem to control the OSD buffer themselves. The example of problems is the resume popup stays on the screen and the subtitle text writes over itself and it becomes real jumble.

I'm sure there is a solution to this but I've had to shift focus to the new a/v sync logic. This will be the direction of mvpmc in the future and I know mythtv mvpmc users have had typically very positive results, so I am glad you are looking into it. If you want to test the a/v functionality without the OSD problem you can actually download the actual mvpmc nightly.

As for problems with the alpha other than the problem with OSD and Sheik Yerboti's file I haven't had any specific new problem, it is actually running quite well right now. The issues that a few people mentioned might be coincidental.



2007-09-19, 03:52 PM
Ok martin thanks for the info, I almost missed this post because of the forum troubles of the last few days. Just to be sure I went back to the the 8-24 dongle. I don't use the miniguide so it wasn't a problem in the first place:) , but I thought it was worth mentioning. I think you are doing a great job with this dongle-business, improving it all the time without breaking it (well hardly ;) ).

cya Hans