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2005-01-02, 10:27 PM
Okay here is the Netstream 2000 compatiblity driver.. It should enable most fuctionality of the Xcard on the Netstream 2000.( other then the avi play pack -- differnt code address for the video buffer - also it's not known)


let me know if it gives you any problems..

sub if you want you could make this a sticky

2005-01-03, 02:55 PM
gheez tripod killed my site already. (less then 12 hours). I have to find a different server. I will repost link when uploaded again

2005-01-04, 03:02 PM
Sash's Sigma Driver Page (http://www.SeeMoreDigital.net/Sash.html)

more mirrors of drivers


Big Dawg
2005-04-15, 04:25 AM
Not working for me; I have an Activy 300 (Fujitsu-Siemens Pentium-III-based Set-top/PC with a built in Sigma Designs EM8400 Mpeg2 decoder on-board) and I would LOVE to get Mpeg 2 acceleration going with GB-PVR - reduce CPU cycles. When I load the compatability driver, XP won't boot.