View Full Version : Oct 17th is the tops

2007-10-29, 09:47 PM

I have run the Oct 17th dongle playing music continuously using musiclibrary2 version 6.7, for 9 days now playing over 4000 tunes in the process.

It has survived great abuse of my server whilst I have been messing about with vmware server to host a couple of linux images, at times the music has paused for about 30 secs whilst my server was running at 100% cpu but it has then simply carried on as if nothing had happened.

the only reason it has stopped was due to me having to re-boot my server as XP had decided that all my usb ports had disappeared.

Well done


2007-10-30, 12:35 AM
Great news. That's a good run for sure and pays compliment to sub''s and psycik's hard work too. You helped quite a bit with a lot of ML2 testing of the dongle that paid dividends with both audio and video.