View Full Version : mvpmc great ... but :)

2007-11-01, 08:55 AM
First, whose been keeping this secret dongle secret .... huh !!

Anyway first because I can't tell whether the wiki is up to date or not, so I will ask perhaps what is obvious questions.
I am using the "latest version link"

Generally - I like it
It allows me to setup 4:3 and 16:9 up front.
It plays dvd mpgs better than the other one (I don't see the stuttering and pausing).
Provides emulation so I can get the gbpvr menus when needed :)

1. mpgs with ac3 are out of sync - is that right ?
2. mpgs with mp2 audio, when paused and resumed fall out of sync, until a skip forward - is that a known issue ?
3. in emulation mode, once the mpg finishes, the gbpvr screen saver is on, but the keypad gives no responses, other than power off and on.

2007-11-01, 04:45 PM
There's quite a few latest links, I'm actually likely going to promote the Oct alpha dongle code to mvpmc for 0.3.4. Note I just saw you are running 99.12 and 99.5, I'm not testing mvpmc with those anymore, but if you do experience problems with the UI not responding, you might need the command line option
--em-safety 3

To answer your questions,

1. - there is no mechanism to sync AC3 with video yet.

2. - I'm not sure if your problem is in emulation mode or in the file player but either way if you are using the alpha dongle try this command line option
--no-jit-sync if you aren't using the alpha try it

3. That might be related to the version of GBPVR you are running. It shouldn't be a problem with 1.0.16. The --em-safety option might help with this.


2007-11-01, 07:19 PM
Thanks, I'll give those options a try.

I just checked, and I realised I don't know which one I pulled down, either option 2 (nightly build) or option 5. (I renamed it :) ) Good point, the hanging only occurs in emulation and playing via GBPVR and allowing the mpg to finish (vs pressing stop). Playing directly seemed fine.

And blame sub for me still using 0.99.5, it works, I have no reason to upgrade, and he changed the numbering to 1.xx so I've chickened out trying it :D To be honest he forced me into upgrading last time too!