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2007-12-16, 08:43 PM
Hi all,

I'm trying to use the WOL feature...

I am able to wake the GBPvr machine using a program I downloaded on my laptop (mc-wol.exe) without problem.

However, the WOL on the MVPMC does not wake the computer. I noticed the mc-wol.exe program uses the MAC address of the pvr computer. It looks like MVPMC is using the IP Address. Could this be why it is not working?

I did find a workaround: My pvr machine is using a new Intel MB w/ integrated LAN. In the driver configuration, there are several options for waking the computer via LAN. One is for Magic Packets of course and another one that I enabled is for any directed packets. (Any attempt to connect to the computer will wake it up) This works, however I'm worried that other packets on the lan may unnecessarily wake the computer.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


2007-12-16, 08:52 PM
mvpmc uses the MAC address too. It obtains it the first time you connect to emulation mode. If you have multiple computers you an test what mvpmc is running telnet to mvpmc and issue the command

ether-wake "your MAC"

using the MAC address of the machine you want to wake up.

I don't remember if the WOL feature works with --emulate ? syntax, you might need a command line with the real IP.


2007-12-17, 04:52 PM

Thanks for the tip! I will give that a try tonight (if it's not in use).

I am using the command line with the real IP.