View Full Version : MVPMC on Linutop?

Dan the man
2007-12-20, 11:16 AM
I'm already using an MVP connected to my bedroom TV but would also like to be able to access the web as well, on occasions.

Would it be posible to run MVPMC on a silent 'PC' such as the Linutop? http://www.linutop.com/ and what would be involved?


2007-12-21, 03:58 AM
I thought it was pretty cool, until I saw the price. Then when you turn it around and don't see just the standard vga port and no digital out, I don't seen how it fits into the home theatre, not taking into how it will look when you start wiring in a remote etc.

To me its more like the ASUS eee laptop something that you might to buy because it's neat and then hope that it works well with GBPVR because it probably could run emulation mode about as well as the MediaMVP with a few weeks worth of work.