View Full Version : WOL and USB NIC

2008-01-14, 11:32 PM
My USB NIC does not seem to support WOL (most dont apparently).
My server does have a PCI Card that does support this however, but I cannot use this card for streaming to the MVP (problems with stuttering due to the powerline adapters).

Is there anyway I can issue the WOL to my NIC card (MAC Addr1) but use my USB NIC for everything else (MAC Addr2)?

Or any other suggestions?


2008-01-15, 03:16 PM
Sometimes you can tweak the USB port details to support power management.
Any obvious reason why your USB NIC works, but the PCI one doesn't? I'd try to fix that oddity.

2008-01-15, 04:11 PM

The USB NIC seems to have some power management capability, but does not specifically mention WakeOnLan option, that the PCI card does.

The reason the PCI card does not work is that I do not have CAT5 cable between my MVP and the server. I tried using the Devolo (powerline) adapters, but these gave unacceptable levels of stuttering when playing recordings.

The Wireless option is pretty smooth.


2008-01-15, 04:35 PM
Ah, So I guess you mean a USB wireless adapter not USB ethernet adapter - sorry.