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2008-03-10, 04:43 PM
Note these instructions are valid but the recommended install method is in the Dummies guide the installer does all of this for you!

The following instructions are for the installation of the mvpmc2 custom client for GB-PVR, an MVP emulator for the Popcorn Hour A100 Media Extender.

Use of mvpmcx2 and modifications in this guide are at your own risk. If you are not comfortable with the process, please ask a question before proceeding.

Part A. Installation.

Installation can be complicated this is really the first time anything like this has been attempted. Syabas have said that they will provide support for user apps which should make this easier, although it is unlikely they will assume any risks either.

Follow these steps noting that these steps use the mvpmc share as a base. You can use any share in place of the mvpmc share should you wish and you can also customize these to use a USB drive or internal drive if you have the expertise. If you are unsure of what directory to use use share a folder called C:\mvpmc.

Important when editing these documents do not use notepad, use an editor which will saves the file in a linux compatible format. The following "free for non-comercial use" program has been used successfully edtiing mvpmcx2 scripts http://www.editpadpro.com/editpadlite.html

1. Download the sample scripts from http://www.mvpmc.org/~mvallevand/pch_script_samples.zip
2. Unzip and save all these files in your mvpmc share
3. Modify script.cgi and replace xx.xx.xx.xx to the IP address of your gbpvr server/mvpmc share. Some Vista have reported they have had to replace username=guest with username=root and if their share is read/write they needed to replace ,ro with ,rw too.
4. Add the mvpmc share to you PCH 100 and make it your default Media Source by selecting it.
5. Modify telnet.html in two places replacing EditMe with the name exactly as it is presented on the PCH Media Source screen.
Do not use the the name from the network share screen
6. Modify startmeup by removing the "#" character from the beginning of the line which is appropriate for your television . Some call it the hash, octothorpe, number or even pound sign, so I will call it a #.

Note: GBPVR software is available here http://forums.gbpvr.com/showpost.php?p=278225&postcount=1

Part B Test Telnet.

1. Open telnet.html from your PCH and select the Telnet option. You should see a message on your TV screen that Telnet has been enabled.
2. Telnet to your PCH by issuing Start->Run->telnet IP
Note that the IP is from your PCH and it can be found on the PCH's Setup->Maintenance->Network screen

This should open a DOS-like window . Type exit to close it.

If these steps fail please start over, if you have problems post a message here.

Part C Download mvpmcx2

1. Get the current version of mvpmcx2 for PCH mode http://www.mvpmc.org/~mvallevand/mvpmcx2.zip Updated 081223
or preferably the advanced version for PCH2 mode http://www.mvpmc.org/~mvallevand/mvpmcx2o.7z Update 20110706

2. Unzip this to your mvpmc share

Part D Configure GBPVR for access from the PCH 100

1. Open config.exe and make these change
a. On the MVP tab autostart an MVP server
b. On the Misc2 tab enable the web server on port 7647 and the NMT extension.
c. If you install a digital TV card, select a mux other than the DVR-MS on the Misc2 tab "BDA Multiplexer"

2. You need to have your firewall open for GBRecordingService.exe for TCP and PVRX2.exe for TCPand UDP

3. Edit config.xml to add PCH features here is a sample

<!-- Choose PCH2 or PCH for your client type-->

Part E Test.

1. Using the telnet.html in B.1 Select the GBPVR option
2. The GB-PVR screen should appear on your PCH
3. Enjoy GB-PVR
4. Hit the Power Off key on the remote to return to the PCH software

Part F Running mvpmcx2.

Once mvpmcx2 is setup properly every time you power up your PCH from the plug you will need to run the Telnet option in telnet.html to initialize mvpmcx2

After this you only need to run the GBPVR option shown in Part E

Part G Limitations.

- resume must be off
- no comskip
- blank screens - hit the "any key"
- audio will return to screen saver
- very limited testing of plugin compatibility
- "Play all" in audio can't be stopped
- can't change channels in livetv
- uses the Popcornhour's media player controls not gbpvr's
- cannot power down while media is playing
- software problem my require you to unplug the unit to reset it (same as with the MediaMVP)
- only the Popcorn Hour device has been tested
- does not support HE-AAC LATM audio use on HD TV in New Zealand and Norway
- the mvpmc share can be to any folder however Vista users need to be aware of the security problems in unzipping files to "C:\Program Files"
- Force Minimal OSD settings for the MVP must be checked in Config.exe

Part H Troubleshooting.

- ensure your screen dimensions in config.xml match the --display command line option
- check your firewall, you need to have your firewall open for GBRecordingService.exe for TCP and PVRX2.exe for TCPand UDP
- make sure the command line options are correct
- restart you PCH if you have an error the graphic library doesn't reset itself after an error
- Make sure you are using the current version fo mvpmcx2 and have all the patches to GB-PVR.
- If you use a direct connection between the PCH and your GBPVR server and you cannot connect, modify your startmeup file to include the actual server ip with this option --emulate xx.xx.xx.xx

Previous releases


2008-03-12, 10:35 PM
I have posted an update to mvpmcx2 that should provide a better experience on some HD monitors. There is also an option for HDMI/DVI and component connections which might enable 480p enhanced output. Add --edtv to the command ine in startmeup to enable this new feature. Let me know how this works for you, I don't have any way of testing it.


2008-03-18, 11:13 PM
This thread points to recommended updates to GB-PVR 1.2.13 for use with the NMT

No updates.

You can use the current mvpmcx2 with both current and older firmware.


2008-03-21, 04:46 PM
I have posted an update to mvpmcx2 that should enable 720p mode on HD monitors. The command line option is the same -m 720.


2008-03-24, 11:09 PM
I have posted an update to mvpmcx2 that should enable 1080i mode on HD monitors. The command line option is -m 1080. Prior to this release 720 and 1080 were not distinguished.

I have also fixed a bug relating to 480p and 576p the option --edtv was not being checked properly.

I am still debating adding 1080p since 720p does such a nice job.


2008-03-27, 09:43 PM
I have posted an update to mvpmcx2 that supports several new features in to improve audio playing

- A stop command can now be identified via LIRCD

- Now that stop can be determined, the Play key is enabled to allow the playing of entire directories

- Support for GB-PVR Playlist play.


2008-04-02, 01:26 AM
I have posted an update to mvpmcx2 that allows you to change TV channels while watching Live TV.

- Arrrow up and down move channel - and +

- Number keys select a channel number, the enter key speeds up selection.

- Return key acts as a "Previous Channel".

A channel change takes about 8 seconds. You probably will notice a small warning message on the TV screen because the PCH player thinks these keys are not supported. Wrong!


2008-04-11, 02:28 AM
I have posted an update to mvpmcx2 that allows playing of remote DVD ISO's files and DVD that have been backed up to your hard disk using the correct version of GB-PVR of course. The new version also includes a fix to a reported problem of one extra key stroke being sent after media plays.

Because DVD can't be streamed via the normal GBPVRRecording Service you need to map a network drive from your PCH to a shared folder that contains the source "DVD". It can be tricky because special characters need to to be marked with a back slash (\). I will explain by way of example.

Let's say you have a folder called "D:\My DVD Collection" that you want to play DVDs from using GB-PVR. First you make this a Windows share which I will name dvds because I'm lazy. To set it up add the following lines into script.cgi

mkdir /mnt/D:\\My\ DVD\ Collection
mount -t cifs //mydvd_IP/dvds /mnt/D:\\My\ DVD\ Collection -o username=guest,ro

That looks ugly but you only have to set it up once for each location. Notice that each \ is doubled and each space is also preceded by a \ Other characters that need special attention include [ ] { } ( ) " ' and & If you do use these characters it is probably best to test using telnet avoiding some of these characters is best.

Once you restart telnet.html, you can confirm that it worked via telnet using this command

ls mnt/D\:\\My\ DVD\ Collection/

If it worked you you should see the files root of your collection. You can specify any username and password too the files do not have to be in a guest account.


2008-04-18, 04:26 PM
I have uploaded a new version of mvpmcx2 that enables the following hotkeys .

1. Hotkeys

Setup - TV Guide
TV Mode - Live TV
Menu - Picture Library
Title - Video Library
Audio - Music Library
Sub-Title - Net Radio


2008-04-20, 01:15 AM
I have uploaded a new version of mvpmcx2 to address some recent issues.

- to enable GB-PVR's screen while Net Radio is playing add --no-nmt-gui to your startmeup line.

- Audio "Play all" would not work if the recording directory was on a share

- Logic to centre GBPVR screen wasn't changed when incremental updates were enabled.

Edit: Centring logic now only used -m 1080 is selected.


2008-04-20, 02:30 PM
I have uploaded a new version of mvpmcx2 which could make initial configuration a little easier.

If you have configured your PCH to select a specific TV mode with the
Setup->Audio/Video->Video Output screen instead of having it use the Auto mode, mvpmcx2 will try and read this setting so no command line option may be necessary. Some addition settings like --edtv and -o component will still need to be set.

You also can still use the command lines to override the settings and I would recommend that especially if you are configured for a 1080i/p preference.


2008-05-10, 04:22 PM
I have uploaded a new version of mvpmcx2 with a few new things

- untested support for 1080p with -m 1080p
- support for the ugly PCH screensaver with --nmt-gui-ss discuss here http://forums.nextpvr.com/showthread.php?t=34908
- avoids leaving some zombie processes
- fixes loopback device issue
- fixed some issues dealing with slow mount of is iso files.


2008-08-22, 02:06 PM
Note these instructions are valid but the recommended install method is in the Dummies guide the installer does all of this for you!

Starting with the 080808 Syabas firmware it is possible to browse Network shares in a consistent way, which makes it much easier to configure GB-PVR and mvpmcx2 if you are using a guest share.

Here are the steps

1. On your PCH or other NMT device change the default video configuration from Auto to the mode of your monitor

Setup -> Audio/Video -> Video output

2. Create or use a Windows or Samba share on your network that you can access from the PCH.

3. Download the file http://www.mvpmc.org/~mvallevand/ez_mvpmcx2.zip and unzip it into the share setup above.

4. Navigate to this share using Media Source->Network Browser

5. Hit the Blue button.

6. Select index.html.

7. Select GBPVR.

Note this will load telnet as well. It doesn't replace the survival guide because you have to repeat step 4 through 7 which means you have to navigate your shares every time. I am still going to work with Syabas to make this simpler.

Note for a permanent solution you should follow the steps in the survival guide.


2008-11-15, 04:27 PM
To go with the new installer I published today, I also released a new mvpmcx2 binary. You could either use the installer (untick everything except Install Client) or download the zip file.

The new features are (they all require 1.3.7)

- support for connecting to shares directly rather than via GBPVR Use exactly the same method used for mapping DVD driver.

- files on the PCH drive will play directly if GBPVR is configured to use the \\ip notation

- support for a USB keyboard on the PCH, works with Search and the Music plugin.