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2008-04-24, 07:25 PM
hi all

i know that mvpmc defaults to look for port 9090 for slimserver.. as it is its default CLI port..
but i have ninan running on 9090, i know how to change it in slimserver, but can i set mvpmc to look on another port?

do i just add a port on the end of the dongle.bin.config line..

for instance
mvpmc -c ???


sure i tried this and it didnt work

but im clearly being a bit of a numpty in many areas lately so.. any help as always appreciated..

2008-04-24, 10:37 PM
Normally support for mvpmc (outside of emulation mode) is through the mvpmc mailing lists, so you can get the developer's attention, but I had a look at the source code and the port is harded-coded.


2008-04-25, 11:55 AM
Hi martin

no worries

managed to get ninan onto 8080 instead

thanks again for your reply