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2009-01-10, 07:31 PM

Actualy i have a lot of question, but first let me start explaining my whole project and then i will ask the question. My project consist of building a set-top box that lets you view Internet-based content on your TV, "WITHOUT CONNECTING TO A COMPUTER". So that mean i will have my own server and the set-top box will connect to my server using the ethernet connection from the router. In my TV i will see 3 menu (Video, Music, Picture) and afcorse the setting menu. From there i will choose to view the video files or the music... And then watch. Same thing as the sagetv theater, the roku box... So after i did a lot of research on digital media receiver (DMR) and other topics related to the project, i found first the hauppage mediamvp and also other product. And after i found this project mvpmc and i thaugh this is the jackpot. But after reading a lot on the project i had a lot of question to myself. So if you guys can help answer my question it will be appreciated :

1) When using the mvpmc, i understant that we need the pc to install the files. And i understant that if you need to view your computer files (video,music...) you will need to run the pc first. But my question is, if if i have my files already in my server, do i need the pc to run? So basicly my question is "for files located in a server, do we need the pc to be running so i can view the files using mediamvp and mvpmc?"

2) I understant that you can modified the frontend menu of the mvpmc, so here my question is do we still need the pc to run?

3) one of my files that is on my server its a "ASF" files so i was asking my self if mvpmc can play those files?

i will stop on those 3 question, and ask the others after. But please if you can do me a favor and help me in this project, i will really appreciated.

THANKS again

2009-01-10, 07:36 PM
Please don't post the same question in multiple forums/subforums - You're question will be viewed


2009-01-10, 07:42 PM
This question was also posted on the mvpmc sourceforge page which is a better place for it, better still try the mvpmc mailing list. Every six months or so someone drives by with a similar idea.

Personally I don't think the mvp is a good enough hardware solution for this to be practical. There are enough network issues in LAN environment.

Good luck anyway.