View Full Version : Load Dongle on a PS3... Can it be done?

2009-04-09, 04:37 PM

I now have my PS3 streaming shows from the PC to my big screen, but the interfaces for viewing the files (UPNP and some other things I have cobbled together) have a low WAF. All of the other TV's in the house have MVP's attached and that is the interface everyone is used to.

Since the MVP is just a Linux box (right?) and you can load Linux on a PS3, is there a way to have the dongle run the GBPVR interface on a PS3?


2009-04-09, 04:48 PM
No, you couldnt load the dongle on the PS3. Its a linux image for an entirely different set of hardware.

In theory Martin could port mvpmcx2 to the PS3, to get the equivalent functionality, but I dont think I've seen any indications he's interested in this.

2009-04-09, 09:51 PM
I did look into this, but in the linux mode you don't have access to hardware acceleration. The PS3 is not a real media extender anyway, it only plays a subset of the media types that people require and that is why a transcoding UPnP server is actually the best solution. What it does play natively it plays pretty well.