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2009-04-27, 05:16 PM
I have finally decided to load mvpmc since I like its WOL feature.
All went good with dongle 20080930 until a night while watching a recording MVP stopped working. No way to make it moving, video was paused to last frame. Powering off and back on the MVP made the video flashing. A reboot with dongle reload solved that time.
Yesterday night issue happened again so I decided to zip all my logs and post them here.

An other not relevant thing I noted is that sometime upon stopping the video it shows the play menu instead showing the recording title.

2009-04-27, 09:47 PM
Sorry, the logs don't show anything unusual, other than the freeze. It is certainly rare in my experience to have a power off not clear a problem, especially forcing a reload of the dongle. Are you sure about the quality of the file? Next time it freezes, try a hardware ff Go FF to see if it skips bad data.

As for the screen mvpmc just displays the screen sent by gbpvr.


2009-04-28, 05:40 AM
Sorry Martin I was unclear.
When I say Power OFF it means soft-power off. At subsequent soft-power on MVP tries to connect to PVR in fact it is visible for half a second the screen appears when it connects properly, then MVP restarts, the screen is cleared, and keeps another try.
The same thing sometime happens if I power on MVP when the PVR is off or the PVR lan is disconnected.
I will try to replace my dongle with a fresh one (may be it solve).

Sorry but what you mean with hardware FF?

2009-04-28, 02:10 PM
That makes more sense, sometimes when mvpmc disconnects it is not clean. I don't autostart emulation mode for this reason.

If you are using WOL you might need some command line parameters to avoid cutting out two early. There are two, but I don't remember them off hand.

A newer version likely won't help with this issue, but it shouldn't hurt either

Hardware FF is a special mvpmc emulation mode thing, available by hitting Go and then FF on the remote. It is only 2x speed because that is about all the MVP can handle.


2009-04-28, 04:37 PM
May be in dongle.config have a line like the following:
mvpmc --startup emulate --emulate -m pal --em-wolwt 40 &

Is that you intent isn't it?