View Full Version : 20080930 dongle problems with wMVP

2009-09-06, 02:04 AM
I've recently resurrected my wMVP and have been trying to get the mvpmc dongle working. I downloaded the dongle.mvpmc-20080930.bin and have been trying to use that. Note that I can get the wMVP working with the Hauppauge dongle.

With the 20080930 dongle selected, I can get through the load from GBPVR, then on the reboot of the wMVP, the mvpmc screen appears, on the 7th block, it stays blinking from white to blue.

As the dongle is being ftp'd to the device, I can ping the wMVP, once complete, and wMVP reboots with the new dongle, the device becomes unreachable and gets stuck on the mpvmc load screen as described above.

Is there a problem with that version of the dongle and wireless? I have not tried wired as the wMVP setup is in a different part of the house without any wired connection availabe.

2009-09-06, 02:15 AM
Could you try with a WEP 128 key and see if that helps.


2009-09-06, 03:14 AM
That did it! Thanks.