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2009-12-15, 03:11 AM
I really like your plugin. It has increased the WAF for me. I just had a couple of ideas that you can choose to ignore. My long winded requests follow.

First, display the original air date for a show. Right now I run UltraXML & the only thing I do is have it add the original air date to the front of the description for each show. For movies, it uses the year. It would be great if there was an option in Config to have your plugin be able to display this value. That way I wouldn't have to run UltraXML, which is very useful & powerful but I think most people that use it do more with it than I do. Also, if you could display the air date, it would nice to have the recordings be optionally sorted by air date. For instance, we started watching Bones earlier this year. The new episodes show on Fox. Episodes from previous seasons show on TNT & on Fox on the weekends. It would be nice to have some way to sort them based on the order they originally were shown. Right now, I can only sort on the title of the episode or the date that I recorded it. If I could sort by description, that would work in my case since the date is at the front of the description.

Second, be able to add a horizontal spacer in the TV Listings. I have a digital tuner. I have multirecord turned on. For those that don't know, that means that I can record shows on multiple stations that share the same freequency at the same time. For HD stations, there are usually only 2 stations per frequency. For SD stations, there can be 10 or more. I can remember that for HD, ABC & NBC share the same frequency & that CBS & Fox share the same frequency & that PBS & the CW share the same frequency. Therefore, I can record a show on CBS at the same time I record one on Fox. For the SD stations, especially since Comcast seems to like to move things around, I can't remember which stations go together. If I could put a spacer in the listings, I could arrange the channels by their frequencies & delineate them. I realize I could create a separate guide for each frequency, but I would have to add so many guides & you can only go in one direction with the yellow button. To go back & forth between channels would be a real pain. Right now, most of my recordings are on my analog tuners, so this is more of a thing for the future.

If I did not explain these clearly, please let me know. Both of these are in the nice to have category. I really like the way your plugin works now.


2009-12-15, 11:38 AM

thanks for your suggestions, but I don't think that I'm going to add something like that in a future version, as it seems quite specific to your epg and tv signal setup and is also a lot of work to implement.