View Full Version : Auto start in TV Listings?

2010-04-21, 07:40 PM
I know this can be accomplished using the default TV Guide that GBPVR comes with. But I was wondering if this can also be done using TV Listings? If not consider it a feature request. :D

2010-04-21, 09:15 PM
if you replace tvguide with tv listings it can be done...[as default guide plugin in config.xml]
then you just start it up with cmd line option going to tvguide..

2010-04-21, 10:32 PM
How would I accomplish that?

2010-04-21, 11:07 PM
Ok for future reference here is how you do it.

To have GBpvr auto start in TV listings edit this line in Config.xml:

<DefaultStartupOptions>-direct "TV Guide"</DefaultStartupOptions>


<DefaultStartupOptions>-direct "TV Listings"</DefaultStartupOptions>

2010-04-22, 09:02 PM
good one,i hadn't thought of that..:)

i was talking about using these:
<DefaultPluginGuide>TV Guide</DefaultPluginGuide>
this will replace the existing guide and recordings screens with tvlistings versions if you want..