View Full Version : gbpvrCLI Formatting Tuner Status possible?

2010-05-26, 09:36 PM
After a few days of messing around, I now have the gbpvr server machine getting pending, recording, and recorded data from gbpvrcli along with running or hibernated - these get converted to images and dumped to my NAS (for when server is hibernated). In turn, these are displayed on my recently acquired joggler which is close to the TV (unlike the server).

The only downside for me is the appearance of the tuner status page - with the others you can left and right justify the name and date/time with the title,-45 method - but for tuner status it seems all crushed to the left.

Is there any way to tidy up the alignment of the tuners and their status's please??


Mister Slimm
2010-05-27, 02:18 PM
GBPVRcli doesn't have the feature to format the tuner status so you will need to do it elsewhere.

The /tunerstatus switch returns the information directly from the GB-PVR Recording Service and is the same as what you see in the About in Slimm GBPVR and Tuner Status in GB-PVR Tray. Each tuner is listed on a separate line.

The reason you can't format it is because I didn't implement it as a token (something enclosed in curly braces) and, in any case, the information being spread across several lines would mean that probably wouldn't work neatly.

While the ability to get tuner status information as a token is on my To Do list, it is unlikely to be implemented since I haven't done any development on GBPVRcli for a long time and I don't use GBPVR myself anymore.

2010-05-27, 04:55 PM
OK many thanks for that Mr S - I have sorted it out in an untidy way, by padding my tuner names with fullstops :)

I have found it quite useful to have tuner status near the TV when the server is very remote, mainly to prevent inadvertent satellite channel changing if the STB is selected with the TV.