View Full Version : Weird Forum Problems?

2005-03-24, 10:52 AM
Like the new digs. However, when I log in, all of the threads seem to dissapear and when I click on a forum topic (like Support for example), the only threads I see are threads that I participated in. Otherwise, there are no messages whatsoever. But when I log out, all the threads are there and I can read them; just not when I'm logged in. Is anyone experiencing this too?

Edit: Looks like some other people have noticed this too. Sorry about another thread about this, but I can't reply to those threads either (says I don't have permission)

2005-03-24, 11:01 AM
Had the same problem. Semms to be something with importing the old accounts into the new forum. I set up a new account and everything works fine. But still hope the issue gets solved - would like to keep my old account/name.

Lets give them some time to sort things out...