View Full Version : Skin support and themovieDB.org lookup?

2010-12-03, 02:04 PM

Thanks for the new version (3.1) of TVListings. The default fallback solution for tvshows where subtitle is missing is working fine.

Is there any chance on TVListings being ported to the Slate/Wave skin. Especially now since it looks like Hairy is slowing down on his onw development efforts.

Also, since you are not planning on doing any IMDB integration could themoviedb.org lookup be something to consider? I would really like an alternative to Amazon.



2010-12-03, 02:55 PM
I have it working with the new Slate skin. I just copied the TV Listings and TV Recordings folders over to the 2 new Slate skin folders. Worked fine.

2010-12-03, 03:20 PM
I have been working on the skin for Slate, and will post something soon. I don't really use TV Recordings, so I haven't looked at that yet, but I could if needed by anyone.

2010-12-03, 04:31 PM

I don't use other skins at the moment (not even switched completely to npvr yet), so it's up to the community or the skin author to add support for this plugin. Regarding the themoviedb.org lookup, I'll have a look how much work it would be when I get some time.