View Full Version : Live tv and recorded shows 95% pixellated and broken audio

2011-04-21, 06:58 AM
Sorry this post is moved from another forum to this one.

I am running Win 7, 64bit, latest processor, 4 gig ram, HVR1100 in analog mode.

When I watch live TV on the computer I get a good picture and audio (after choosing the right codecs... some make them sound like mickey mouse!

When I watch "Live TV" on the mvp/real tv I get 95% pixellation and broken audio - so bad I have no idea what it is I am seeing.

When I record and play back it is the same.

When I play .avi and old recordings from GBPVR it is all perfect on the TV.

I think I tried the mvpmc dongle correctly by renaming the default dongle to .old and then changing this dongle to dongle.bin or whatever. I did a reboot but I still see the same thing.

Where to next?

See the screenshot of the TV and its pixellation - it could be I am not explaining it very well so pictures tell the best story


2011-04-21, 12:03 PM
Jaggy suggested two things, to post here and to include logs. You are half way there.


2011-04-21, 04:59 PM
ummm...oopss.... in the excitement i forgot. Here they are. Hope they are what you need to help me :)

2011-04-21, 07:34 PM
does NPVr work on MPVs? If not then that could be my problem.

What is everyone using these days then?

my mpv and GBPVR and a 150 has been great for years. But now I went to win 7 x64 and 4gig ram. So that killed the 150 and the only other thing I had was a 1100 and that does not work with the analog tuner in GBPVR... so another tuner? or somehting instead of an MPV? What are people using in 2011?

2011-04-21, 09:48 PM
ok forget this thread. I found out the dongle didnt load properly... so my live tv problem is solved but there are other issues I am working through but I will post separately :)


this takes hours to setup!