View Full Version : Live TV and recorded TV filling 80% of the screen

2011-04-21, 10:38 PM

I have played with the config settings for MVP by entering my MAC. All that is working and I got the main screen the way I want it. But live TV on the MVP is about 80% of the screen same with the recordings. Those settings dont seem to have any impact.

So where else can I edit config files to get to the full 720x576 on a PAL tv which is 20 years old = olden day = not a LCD etc.



2011-04-21, 11:07 PM
Is either your MVP or TV accidentally set up for NTSC playback?


2011-04-21, 11:17 PM

The TV is definitely not it is impossible it is that old :)

MVP - well it wasnt with GBPVR for years (=it has been fine and plays files back from other sources perfectly) but where do I look for NPVR or your dongle? Whcih config? It is just Livetv and recorded TV on a MVP using NPVR (with patches) and your dongle.

2011-04-21, 11:49 PM
You need to use the Hauppauge software to change the defaults, mvpmc reads the flash memory so if it works from GBPVR then it is probably something else. To confirm You can select PAL and NTSC mode via the command line and from the mvpmc main menu.


2011-04-22, 05:06 AM
Checked it is PAL. Everything renders perfectly except livetv and recorded TV from NPVR. Old recordings from GBPVR... stuff downloaded from the net is all filling the screen correctly.

It has occured to me that it is a setting on the NPVR side that is changing the resolution or something.

2011-04-22, 05:11 AM
Closing this thread as the file that was saved on the computer as a time recording is 320x240. Now I will do a new thread asking how to change that.

thanks for your help.