View Full Version : TV Listings: no current channel found!

2011-09-25, 08:39 AM
I succesfuly installed TV Listings some time back (after forgetting to activate the plugin in settings:o), but still haven't been able to convince the better half to use it.

So it's been a while since I know the plugin worked, and now, when it doesn't, and I have no idea what might have changed in the interim.. Needless to say, standard TV Guide still works, so the EPG is loading, but I don't understand the error below..

2011-09-25 16:26:17.484 [DEBUG][1] TV Listings: Activating...
2011-09-25 16:26:17.484 [ERROR][1] TV Listings: no current channel found!
2011-09-25 16:26:17.484 [DEBUG][1] TV Listings: Deactivating...
2011-09-25 16:26:17.484 [DEBUG][1] TV Listings: deactivated.

TV Recordings appears to work.
Thanks in advance!

2011-09-26, 09:13 AM

Please post a complete logfile. From the snippet above, it only seems that the defined guide that is about to be loaded by the plugin doesn't contain any channels.


2011-09-26, 09:38 AM
Thanks for the reply alibert.

As Murphy would have it, I shut down NPVR to get a clean log file to post, but then TV Listings works again. I'll keep an eye out for future problems, and post the full logs if it happens again.