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SFX Group
2011-10-02, 04:10 AM

I have a nPVR server with TV Listings on, i also have a client with this on running as a client, the client (not check the server) deletes all listtings older than 2000 from the day before.

Anyway to keep these history so i can see the past listings?


2011-10-03, 07:36 AM

there are no limitations regarding the shown listings, i.e. the plugin loads all data available in the npvr database. What you might see is that there's a mechanism to load a small timeframe of listings for each channel first (actually to get something displayed around the current time pretty fast), and then the complete data for each channel is requested from the database, which might take a bit longer on a client.


SFX Group
2011-10-05, 04:01 AM

As a test, opened client TV Listings, complete list loaded in about 5 seconds, left it on the "non loaded area" for 10 mins so far, still no listings... looks like a bug so far....

2011-10-05, 04:10 AM
When an EPG update occurs in NextPVR, old listings are deleted past update minus a few hours to keep the database from growing out of control. You can submit a request in the Wishlist forum to make that timeframe a configurable setting.

SFX Group
2011-10-05, 04:24 AM
good idea, wondered if it was something like that