View Full Version : Feature Request: Show error/failure message for failed recordings

2011-12-13, 04:23 AM
I see the special icon in the recordings list but I don't see the actual error message anywhere. It would be great if this were displayed in the Recording popup somewhere.

2011-12-13, 04:55 PM

the failure reason should already be present in the arguments supplied to the graphical elements representing a recording, both in the lists and in the details popup. They can be accessed from the skin files using the named parameter "@failureReason", so you could already try and add the string by yourself. However, I'm going to add this string by default once I find an appropiate location - maybe you have a suggestion here?


2011-12-13, 06:01 PM
I wouldn't mind seeing it in red text right before all the recording details in white text in the Recording popup (right under the popup "header"). I think this is the most important information to see first if the recording has failed. Thanks.