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2011-12-18, 08:31 PM
I was going through my recordings directory and noticed that several directories were empty except for jpg files left behind from various episodes of recorded tv shows as well as a few folder.jpg files (one in each directory). They all appeared to be the episode images as linked from TheTVDB.com.

Also, they were directories with no current recordings in them. When the last episode in a series is deleted, shouldn't the directory itself be deleted too?

We use TV Recordings exclusively with Recordings disabled in the plugins screen.

2011-12-18, 10:40 PM
I ran some tests in TV Recordings.
It deleted the .jpg with the same name as the show I deleted.
It deleted the folder as long as folder.jpg was not there. This looks to be the same behavior as the default plugin so I would say it is working as designed.

Perhaps it would be good to have a configurable parameter in config.xml to delete the folder as long as only folder.jpg is there or delete folder irrespective of what files reside there when the last recording is removed. Ideally this should be added to the standard nextpvr wishlist to try and promote consistent behavior between the standard plugin and TV Recordings.

2011-12-18, 10:47 PM
A few users have been asking and reminding sub to not create folder.jpg from Media\Shows, he said he would over a year ago http://forums.nextpvr.com/showthread.php?48083-Deleting-a-recording-leaves-behind-the-folder-name-and-folder.jpg&p=389983#post389983 but it still hasn't happened. I consider it is a real pain in the butt, especially going through a Video Library of empty folders.

Perhaps adding your names to the thread would help?



2011-12-18, 11:03 PM
Well, thinking further about this, given how long I've been using TV Listings, it is clear that is happening occasionally because it's only about 10 shows I've found. We record many more series that than. I suppose the question might now be: under what condition(s) might they not be deleted when obviously the other items are.

Also, if I posted this is the wrong forum, someone please move it. I hadn't considered that maybe TV Listings was just asking NPVR to "do its thing" in terms of deletion.

Finally, Martin, thanks for the link to that thread. Would reading/writing from that location affect TV Listings? (alibert?)

2011-12-18, 11:29 PM
I think it is created by NPVR if you Quick Record or Record from the EPG.


2011-12-26, 10:41 AM

to speed up loading images at a later stage, e.g. when browsing the recording groups in tv recordings, the plugin itself tries and save preview images for recording groups, when the following conditions are met:
- the parent folder exists and is writable
- there is not yet a folder.* file present
- the plugin has loaded a preview image, e.g. a poster from the tvdb for the corresponding series

I can add an option to make this behaviour configurable if you like in a later release of the plugin.

Regaring the deletion, the plugin is itself is not involved here, it just calls the respective function to delete a recording in the schedule helper api.


2011-12-27, 03:43 PM
I can add an option to make this behaviour configurable if you like in a later release of the plugin.

Yes, please.


2011-12-28, 11:24 AM
Okay, will do so.