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2005-04-06, 12:39 AM
Any recommendations on a nice & cheap RF Wireless Keyboard/mouse combo? I want to avoid one with a short range since I'll be 6+ feet away.

I've been hunting for a wireless USB hub which I could plug joysticks, mice, keyboards, etc. I haven't found it.

Should I abandon those ideas and go bluetooth and get a wireless keyboard/mouse that includes a bluetooth hub? They aren't cheap ($170), but bluetooth sure sounds handy.

It seems possible that we may end up with bluetooth remotes, headphones, MP3 players, etc. A bluetooth hub sounds like a great function for a PVR. You could conceivably stream video to your PDA.

Similarly, can anyone explain the varying wireless networking protocols? There's WiFi, there's 802.11b, or something, there's WLAN.

2005-04-06, 04:16 PM
Hey CaptainVideo,

I use a wireless Logitech keyboard and a wireless Logitech Mouse.
Keyboard: Logitech Cordless Keyboard (model number: Y-RH35 -- part number: 867220-0100)
Mouse: Logitech Cordless Mouse (model number: M-RP67 -- part number: 851837-0000)

They both come with the Logitech Cordless Mouse and Keyboard Receiver unit. The keyboard has plenty of extra buttons. The documentation says 6ft is the maximum, but that is not even close. I've been using this setup for over 2 years now, and I am able to use the keyboard and mouse from my kitchen. My kitchen is about 20 ft away from my living room! This is the best cordless kb/mouse I've ever used.


2005-04-06, 04:23 PM
Check ebay. RF keyboards with integrated mouse/joystick available in uk for less than $50.

Check out


2005-04-06, 06:14 PM
CV: I'm looking at a Gyration keyboard/mouse combo personally..

As far as wireless goes:

Wi-Fi is the term used for Wireless Fidelity.. this include 802.11b, 11a and 11g. WLAN is a wireless LAN, again usually Wi-Fi. These are used for data only (and some would say VoIP - which is still data). Bluetooth is for almost everything in a PAN (personal area network) it is limited to about 30 feet, I can stream music and video to my PocketPC via Bluetooth, there are bluetootch headphones, printers, keyboards and I'd assume mice as well. Bluetooth uses the same frequency range (2.4GHz) as 802.11b/g and a lot of cordless phones and microwaves, the phones and microwaves can and do cause interference.