View Full Version : minor bug with "Next Recording" in Recordings Panel

2012-07-21, 05:26 AM
I finally got around to trying TV Listings again, and I must say it's quite impressive; it very much wants to replace the default TV Guide on my system. I did run into a little bug with the Recordings Panel though:

I didn't like the "Recording Soon:" display listing recordings happening a full day later, so I shortened the 'Recording Soon' time: to 8 hours. That's a better definition of "Soon" to me. However, now if there are no recordings at all in the next 8 hours, the "Next Recording:" display lists a recording that won't happen for many days, and always the same one... "America's Got Talent" in my case, which recorded this past Tuesday and won't record again until next Tuesday; it said that show was Next all morning yesterday, and all morning again today. As soon as it gets within 8 hours of a recording, everything works again as it should.

2012-07-22, 10:54 AM

yes, it seems that the dislayed 'next' recording may not actually be the next upcoming one when there are currently no recordings in the recording soo timeslot. I've fixed that for the next release.


2012-07-22, 11:37 AM