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2012-09-09, 01:51 AM
'Love the utility...nice job. The utility works great with the default skin on my system. Now I'm trying to get it working with NextBlue:space skin. Unfortunately, several parts of the skin render as white with white text. I'm happy to tinker with the skin file, but am a bit at a loss as to where to start. Below are screen shots showing the problem. Can someone help by identifying the object name for the white areas and let me know where their color can be changed (it does not look to me like these are in the TVlistings.xml or TVRecordings.xml skins, so they must be coming from somewhere else). Any help would be greatly appreciated:D!



2012-09-15, 04:20 PM
Ok…lots of silence on this one:). Let me pose a different question. How many people out there are using NextBlue skin with TVListings/Recordings and have everything working properly? I’m assuming this is just a problem with my system (e.g. a missing skin file or something), but it would be nice to rule out an incompatibility here. If you see this and have TVListings working properly on NextBlue skin can you please post and let me know?

2012-09-15, 05:40 PM
From looking at the wiki, the latest version of TV Listings is 3.6.1 and NextBlue refers to TV Listings ver 3.5, so I'm guessing that NextBlue might not support the latest version of TV Listings.

You could try copying the TV Listings skin folders from Default into NextBlue - that may get it working...


2012-09-16, 12:41 AM
You could try copying the TV Listings skin folders from Default into NextBlue - that may get it working...

It looks to me from those screenshots that that is exactly what he has already done & it won't work with NextBlue because it doesn't have all the "default" colours/fonts/other elements etc. in the NextBlue global.xml.

There will also other problems with using the wiki version of NextBlue with NextPVR 2.5.5 as there have been quite a number of skin changes/additions that will be missing from a skin that hasn't been updated for so long.

2012-09-16, 01:45 PM
'Sounds like I may just be out of luck until NextBlue gets an update:(. Does anyone by chance still have TVListings 3.5 laying around that you could send me to try? It sounds like the recent changes to the base nPVR probably are to cause, but trying the old version of TVListings would be an easy enough to test just in case that works.

I did copy the TV Listings and TV Recordings skin folders under the NextBlue skin...that is what produced the screen images posted above, so that is not the problem (but thanks for the suggestion).

2012-09-16, 08:19 PM
Until NorthPole gets an update out the attached Global.xml should get TVListings 3.6.1 working (using the default skin layout as the screenshot show) with the NextBlue version 1.54 that is on the wiki

I would suggest backing up your old skin\NextBlue\global.xml first before installing this version (all I have done is add the default colours & fonts to NothPole's global.xml) it will also require you to copy the TV Listings and TV Recordings skin folders from the TVListings 3.6.1 zip into the NextBlue skin

2012-09-16, 11:21 PM
Nice!:D Thanks for the Patch...it worked great!