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2005-04-08, 05:04 PM
I'm curious as to what people are using to edit out the padding at the beginning and end of recorded shows.

In most cases, I don't mind the extra bits, as the file is erased after watching, but for videos that I want to keep, it would be great to edit out the extra video content without doing re-coding of the source.

Are there any inexpensive video tools for manually cutting out the padding and/or commercials without recoding the source.


2005-04-08, 05:08 PM
tmpeg (http://www.tmpgenc.net/e_main.html) is still free I think.

I sure the mpeg tools portion under the file menu, rather than opening it in main window. The last table is a cut/joiner for mpg that is as fast and simple as it gets. Not very percise (seems to cut at keyframes and not exact time), but it doesn't get much easier.

There are others, but the speed it spits out the result (direct, not recompress) is what separates it.

2005-04-08, 05:40 PM
I often use Cuttermaran (http://www.cuttermaran.de/frameset.htm) for the editing of the MPEG files. Unfortunately you first have to de-multiplex the MPEG file, I use PVAStrumento (http://www.offeryn.de/dv.htm#pvas) for this.

2005-04-08, 05:44 PM
I use Cuttermaran also, nice, because it allows frame accurate editing.
Tmpgenc only cuts on I frames afaik.

2005-04-08, 07:46 PM
Tmpgenc is not free for mpeg-II, though their is a 30-day trial. I also use cuttermaran, it is very good.


2005-04-08, 08:15 PM
Basically, this is what I use GB-PVR for. I have two PVR-150s in a machine and I record ALL kinds of shows. I use a 5 minute pre/post padding to make sure I get ALL of the show. Then I take the commercials out of the shows, and build DVD volumes.

To do this, I use Womble MPEG2VCR (www.womble.com (http://www.womble.com/)). The thing that I like about this application is that there is NO RE-ENCODING when saving your new MPEG. It takes about 45 seconds to save out an MPEG of a 1/2 hour show (which comes out to be about 23 minutes w/o commercials). I then use some DVD authoring software (Tsunami DVD Author, the same company that makes the TMPG tool that Capone talked about).

The other nice thing about Womble, is that after you've burned your DVD, you can use Womble to open the VOB files on the DVD, and build MPEGs from this files. I use this "feature" to make "Best Of" DVDs (without having to save the original MPEGs).

The down-side to Womble, is that it is $70.00 (but to me, totally worth it). I used to use Adobe Premier to do my "cutting", but it took WAAAAAY too long to re-encode, AND it re-encoded the file.

Also, every once in a while, the Audio and Video get out of sync. This is always where a cut was made, and it is pretty easy to fix.

I also use Discreet Cleaner XL to convert my MPEGs to other formats (WMV, Real, etc), as I like to bring them into work with me http://forums.gbpvr.com/images/smilies/cool.gif .

Update: I just noticed that Womble released a new version (and redesigned their website). I have not tested this new version out (yet). Maybe this fixes the occasional A/V sync issue.

2005-04-13, 03:57 PM
Thanks all for your input.

I've tried mpeg-VCR from Womble (http://www.womble.com/) and something not mentioned here, VideoRedo (http://www.drdsystems.com/VideoReDo/)

I registered for a trial copy of MPEG-VCR and I was sent an email for 35% off the $70 price, so that helps. However, I found the program to be dated in it's look and feel. I thought I was back in the Windows 3.1 days. I suppose that it does the job, but I was more impressed with VideoRedo.

The VideoRedo program seems to have the same functions and looks a bit more intuitive to use. This program sells for $50 (all funds listed are $US)

I'm going to keep checking alternatives. Especially the free ones :) but I'm leaning toward VideoRedo for my needs.

thanks all for the info.


2005-04-13, 04:50 PM
I use VideoReDo, Womble looks interesting, however I've already paid for VideoReDo, quick and clean.. I've had no audio sync issues.. And if you want to try it, the batch capabilities are nice.. Just add a line to your comskip.ini file and VideoReDo project files (i.e. a cut list) will be created...