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2012-11-28, 03:45 AM
Hi guys,

I'll be posting the alpha soon I just have the following to do.

Update XBMC Addon to work with ChannelOID for streaming
Build XBMC Addon for Windows
Build XBMC Addon for Linux 32
Build XBMC Addon for RaspberryPI

if anyone else is using another platform for xbmc and would like a build let me know.

there are 2 differences in my version of the xbmc addon that I will be request sub merge shortly

1. Ability to stream recordings/live tv from a different port. This allows you to set your port to 8877 (default nextpvr web console port) to talk to the nextpvr web console service but still use 8866 (read from you nextpvr config file) for the actual streaming.
2. Ability to specify channeloid in the live stream url instead of channel. This allows users to have different channel numbers, so user A might have TV3 SD as channel 3, and user B might have TV3 HD as channel 3. nextpvr won't know which one to send so would send first, but by allowing the actual channeloid in the stream url it will send the correct channel the user wants.

* Note: for (2) you need a updated NShared.dll I got from sub, I'll check with him that its ok I post this.

I'm making my changes backwards compatible so it will only stream channeloid if instructed to by the service.

I may ask for help building some of these addons, my git repo is at

2012-11-28, 09:08 AM
committed all the changes I need to the nextpvr xbmc addon and now in

I've submitted a pull request to subs main repo, but not sure if/when this will be accepted. so in the meantime if anyone can help out with builds (Linux 32/64, RaspberyPi, OSX?) that would be much appreciated.

2012-11-29, 12:04 AM

sub has confirmed he will pull my changes (after he reviews them) when he gets back in a week and a half :)

I found some minor issues with the xbmc service that need to be fixed and tested (I believe ive fixed everything now, just need to test). the ticket is https://github.com/revenz/NextPvrWebConsole/issues/45

I'm in the process of doing a raspberrypi build to test these changes out later today (was doing it last night, but it takes about 90 minutes on my pi to build...)

I've managed to get a linux 32 build up on my github repo, I'll test this out later today as well.

If those two plugins dont reveal any issues, I'll likely post the offical alpha here sometime tomorrow, with xbmc addon builds for the following systems
- Windows
- Linux 32
- RaspberryPI