View Full Version : [REQUEST] Additional information in the "Recordings" screen

2012-12-04, 02:33 PM
It doesn't have to be there immediately, but it should have the details of the programme recorded from the guide at the time (as the NEWA interface does), detailing the description from the program.

eg: For Eastenders today, it should show:

Sharon, Jay and Lola try to convince Shirley that Phil is a changed man. Also in HD. [AD,S] Then BBC News.

It could do this via popup, it just makes it easier to see what's what!

2012-12-04, 03:14 PM
Have I misunderstood? Does the Recording Details popup do what you want?


2012-12-04, 04:17 PM
Graham - this is the WebConsole sub-forum.

2012-12-04, 05:01 PM
Graham - this is the WebConsole sub-forum.

Bugger. Web Console, XBMC, NEWA ... it's all too much for me. Next thing, I'll be able to run NPVR on my phone ... Oh! Wait ...

2012-12-04, 08:12 PM

I'll make it so when you click the hyper link for a show the dialog opens, that dialog will show the same info as the original dialog in the guide, and also have buttons to play and delete.

This is scheduled for the next release, its a small change and makes sense.

2012-12-07, 04:02 AM
split this thread keep this thread on topic, sub discussion about NEWA can be found here: http://forums.nextpvr.com/showthread.php?53177-NextPVR-Web-console-to-replace-NEWA-one-day