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2012-12-09, 09:01 AM
ok, this is a hot topic, so lets resolve it and move on

i do want community development, it helps a project going. so if we're going to do this, lets do it right.

1. everything is discussed in this forum, when a feature is agreed on
2. all work needs to have a ticket in github and they can be assigned to a developer
3. everything needs to be thoroughly tested, unit tests preferred, but also any browser facing code needs to be tested only support browsers (IE9/10, chrome, firefox) and tested at differently resolutions (theres currently 3 supported screen sized, and its adaptive to those)

may update that list as we go.

currently im planning on working on the mobile side, i have started this (current code on github kinda breaks the console because of this, i made it think every client was a mobile browser to test something out).

if you want to work on a something follow those guideliness, discuss, create in github, test work, push work.

key thing, TEST. this must be solid, thats one reason im semi unwilling to open this up, i want to ensure the quality of the product.

if you're wanting to work on the GUI, you must know jquery, knockoutjs, and how to communicate via ajax. it has to be a responsive web app.

that sound like a plan to everyone?